Altered Sky Scottish Weekender

Gareth Rooke recently attended all three dates of Altered Sky's recent weekender. You can read hsi day-by-day diary here...

Ground Xero – Self-Titled EP (Track By Track)

The lads in Ground Xero put a lot of work into this release, and I do think that comes through. For a first attempt, it’s very impressive, and I am very proud of them, there was just a few things that I feel they could have improved upon.

State Champs, Knuckle Puck and Roam at King Tuts, Glasgow

Gareth Rooke attended the Pop Punk gig of a life time...ROAM, Knuckle Puck and State Champs! See what he thought of the three bands here...

V / Vega – Leaving Lyra

V Vega are definitely pushing the boundaries of progressive metal and on listening, if you’re a fan of bands like Young Guns but also something a lot heavier, this is definitely a must-listen!!

Underground Festival Review – Saturday

This review will cover the bands that I saw on Saturday at Underground Festival; a day that demonstrated the indie genre is very much alive and kicking.

Zephyr – An Odyssey For The Living

I can't say I'd heard of Zephyr before this review, but I'm glad I have now. Opening track Familiar Spirit instantly made me think of a hybrid mix of Napoleon, Architects, and While She Sleeps. Beautiful lead guitar work and sweeping synth sections set you on a journey that this EP seems to be.

Koshiro – Crown Of Venom

Adam Elston had a listen to Koshiro's EP 'Crown Of Venom'. Read what he thought here...

Never Found – Sorrow and Cyanide EP

The Welsh/Oxfordshire quartet Never Found release their hotly anticipated debut EP Sorrow & Cyanide on Halloween. This 4 track EP is a must listen for fans of Bullet for My Valentine and Aiden. Never Found have built a strong fan base through stints supporting artists including Ashestoangels, Fearless Vampire Killers and William Control.

My Redemption Fest Experience

I made a 'quick' trip down from Glasgow to Wakefield to this small festival that took place at the Warehouse 23. The festival was in aid of Barnsley and Wakefield Hospice.

Breathe In The Silence, Lost Atlanta, As I Was Hunted and Solitude at Opium, Edinburgh

Gareth Rooke saw Breath In Silence, Lost Atlanta, As I Was Hunted and Solitude at the Opium in Edinburgh. Here is what he thought of the acts...

Early Lanes, Fenrir and Forty Four Hours at The Garage Attic

Gareth went and saw Early Lanes, Fenrir and Forty Four Hours at The Garage Attic. Here is what the though of the evening...

Fenrir – The Rise EP

This six track EP is a must listen to for fans of the post 2011 Fall Out Boy and Mallory Knox. A strong EP from the Ipswich quintet.

My Macmillan Fest 2015 Experience

Gareth went to Macmillan Festival and saw a whole host of bands such as Lacey, Skarlett Riot, Chasing Cadence, As December Falls, Fearless Vampire Killers and more...

Butserfest Review – Shields, The One Hundred and The Xcerts

In this installment of our Butserfest review, Brad tells us what he thought of sets by The Xcerts, The One Hundred and Shields.

Butserfest Review – Networks, Dirt and ZenthetiX

In the first installment of our Butserfest 2015 reviews, Brad gives his thoughts on the live sets by Dirt, Networks and ZenthetiX.

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