Observe The 93rd – Eternalism

Observe The 93rd recently released fab album Eternalism which has sailed right into my top 10 albums of the year!

From the opening moments of We are Already Dead, I’m hooked. The electronic elements work well and the vocals are great. It is very repetitive from a lyrical stance which is something I don’t really like, but in the context of the song, I can understand why the chorus is just ‘we are already dead’ repeated a number of times.

After distorted vocals, the intensity is increased for more ‘we’re already dead’ lines being screamed. It is a very catchy song that I would expect played at club nights. It has a very 80s feel to it which I love.

Hypnotic lives up to its name with a hypnotic introduction before kicking into a good rock riff and drum combo.

Clever III is probably my favourite on the album. It has that early I Write Sins era Panic! At The Disco feel with the mixed vocal delivery, switching between quick fire vocals to smooth, melodic overlaid vocals. The sound effects including a rain-like sound add to the immersion in the track, with the drums perfectly building intensity. It also has haunting circus-like sounds throughout.

Stick Around is a fab pop rock song with an emotional opening and building in intensity for the chorus. It comes a very close second for favourite. Lyrically it is extremely relatable, talking of not being around and wanting people to stick around. The raw emotion during the last few lines really hits home.

The Halloween Song seems to represent my life as it mentions a number of my favourite things to do with the spooky season, including a nice reference to Donnie Darko. It’s a fun track.

Screaming is quite angsty lyrically with lines like “nobody cares if you’re screaming, nobody cares if you’re bleeding’ and discusses some nasty injuries including fractured skulls. The understated instrumentation and vocal delivery makes this a standout eerie song, including the brief moments of heartbeats before it kicks back into the chorus.

We get more spooky with A Sensation of Haunted.

Who Will Find My Body is also a relatable song for me personally (and not just because I was listening to it at 1am).

Eternalism is a great album. It mixes rock with electronic perfectly. Every song on the album is catchy in its own way.

It is clear to see why Observe The 93rd were voted best rock band at the 2021 Central Pennsylvania Music Awards.

Elizabeth Birt

January 2, 2024

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