New Years Day – Half Black Heart

New Years Day released their latest album Half Black Heart today and it is an absolute cracker!

The opening of Vampyre kicks the album off with a haunting sound as the track’s title is whispered before it kicks into a great rock track. It has a catchy hook and the way Ash’s vocals are layered works really well. The scream vocals add an extra layer too.

The titular track is one of my favourites. It has a real empowering sound and the way the drums and bass work together really sells it.

I love the instrumentation on Fearless. It’s an anthem about empowering yourself and living in your own way and is another of my favourites on the album.

The vocals in Bullet Proof are absolutely stunning. The calming verses allows Ash’s vocal melodies to shine through. The same is said for Burn it All Down. It is a more intense song than the predecessor but again it shows off Ash’s vocals well.

I Still Believe is an anthem for anyone who is struggling. It’s in your face and so well written it will be stuck in your head permanently. The entire “I refuse to give up, I refuse to bend down” hook is a motto that everyone needs to keep in mind.

We slow things down with Unbreak My Heart for more of a power ballad and it’s a really good track.

Ash previously said that the album is a bit of a culmination of everything worked towards with previous New Years Day albums and that reuniting the lineup of herself, Nikki Misery, Brandon Wolfe, Jeremy Valentyne and Trixx allowed the band to make the most of their sound and she was absolutely right. As someone who has been a fan of New Years Day for close to a decade now, this is definitely some of their best work. Every song is fully rounded and there isn’t – if anything at all – much to say in a negative light for the album.

Elizabeth Birt

March 1, 2024

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