Like Moths To Flames – Pure Like Porcelain

Like Moths To Flames have released new EP Pure Like Porcelain. The EP highlights the next stage of the band said guitarist Zach Phishey: “I think the EP is just a small taste of where we could possibly go next as a band. If No Eternity is considered a return to form album, then the EP is expanding those boundaries again. The coolest thing to me about the outcome of the EP is how extreme the shift in dynamic can be from song to song while still feeling like a cohesive listening experience as a whole.”

Ameliorate kicks the EP off with a good breakdown and kicks into some scream lyrics. It’s a good song to open a record with and it’s followed by Views From Halfway Down which begins in a completely different direction.
It begins with clean, soft vocals and a classic rock riff before kicking into the LMTF you expect. It’s the best track on the record in my opinion and I didn’t want it to end.
Lead single The Preservation of Hate hits you in the face like a welcome brick. It’s three minutes of relentless hard metal energy and you can just imagine the pits that would open up to this track.
Gnashing Teeth wouldn’t sound out of place on an Architects record. It’s angry and combines Sam Carter-esque vocals.
Do Not Resuscitate ends the EP on a good note. The clean vocals are clear and probably the best sounding on the EP.
There’s not a bad track on this EP and I think it’s the perfect length to tide fans over while we wait for a full-length.
These tracks will be great to hear live too.

Elizabeth Birt

November 18, 2021

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