I, The Lion – Run EP

Lauren had a listen to I, The Lion’s new EP ‘Run’ and here is what she thought…

I, The Lion- A Cheltenham trio of post-punkers who have spent the last couple of years touring and spreading their powerful, catchy tunes wherever they go, and if their new, debut EP Run is anything to go by, then the guys will be a force to be reckoned with who we definitely won’t be seeing the last of.

The first song of the EP, Hold Strong establishes their sound and although the song starts out slower than the others, the pace is quickly ramped up and it becomes obvious that this is a song you can expect to see an audience warming up to on their upcoming tour later this month.

Icarus has a completely different sounding tune to Hold Strong though, and is much angrier and heavier to a degree, speaking volumes about frustrations and ambition. The fast-paced track is the type of music that gets me in the mood for tearing up coursework and sticking it to the man. Note: please don’t tear up your coursework.

Man Made Of Mice is the third song on the EP, but by no means is it any weaker than the other songs, in fact it’s my favourite. With lyrics and a melody that will be stuck in your head for ages, a lighters-in-the-air kind of chorus and that instantly recognisable intro, you get the makings of a sure fire crowd pleaser.

Overall, the Run EP was very enjoyable to listen to, the band have a very distinct sound that is bound to leave a positive lasting impression on anyone who listens to it, regardless if their sound is what the listener usually plugs into or not. I, The Lion also boast impressive vocals to match their clear musical talent, where most post-punk bands tend to fall into the trap of using “unclean” vocals for the most part, I, The Lion chose not to- A good decision. Run EP has scored an 9/10 for me, and personally, I can’t wait to see the band grow and release more music in the future.

Brad Biddlecombe

February 17, 2015

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