I Call Fives – Not For Everyone

The new EP from I Call Fives is called Not For Everyone and it’s great!

The EP kicks off with the titular track, immediately breaking out with the titular line “I’m not for everyone” alongside lyrics about being quickly replaced.
It’s a track that I relate to quite heavily lyrically, so I’m immediately drawn in, but sonically, it’s your typical pop-punk track with energetic instrumentation but a darker tone to reflect the lyrical content. For an EP opener, it’s a good track to get you hooked in but ends abruptly.
Still Life opens with a slower, mellow feel before kicking into another good track. The riffs throughout are fun. It’s not as catchy as the opener but it doesn’t need to be. The layered vocals at the end of the track add a nice touch as the instrumentation fades out.
Lead single Honest & Only marks a serious shift in tone, it’s very upbeat from the start and has a much lighter tone. If you asked someone to describe a modern pop punk song, it would be something like Honest & Only.
Hopeful is a fun, angsty sounding track with some cool drum work throughout.
Closing track Precious is the longest on the EP, clocking in just over four minutes. It begins with soft, acoustic guitars and marks a huge change in the EP as it’s the softest track, letting the lyrics shine through.
Not For Everyone is probably an accurate title for the EP. If you’re not a fan of pop punk then you probably won’t like it, but if you are a fan, you’re unlikely to have a reaction other than loving the record.
Every track is consistent in quality which is unusual as there tends to be one song that usually feels a bit weaker or doesn’t land as well but not here.
The instrumentation throughout is great. It matches the tone set by the lyrics. The vocals are also perfectly suited to the genre and each song.

Elizabeth Birt

March 15, 2023

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