Heriot – Profound Morality

Not too long ago, Heriot released their EP Profound Morality. See what we thought!

There’s an atmospheric synth-like opening to Abaddon before a haunting rhythm section kicks in. It’s two minutes and six seconds of introductory instrumental which sets a haunting tone for the rest of the record.
Coalescence is the complete opposite. After the opener, it hits you right in the face with some intense drums and screams before mellowing out into more atmospheric instrumentation and overlaying clean vocals with a scream transition and then it’s back to hitting you in the face with brutality.
Carmine (Fills the Hollow) is just under two minutes of what you would expect in a heavy band. It’s full of ferocity.
Enter The Flesh is probably my favourite track on the record as the instrumentation is brilliant. It’s brutal but with some awesome technical elements thrown in. It does end abruptly however which is quite disappointing.
Abattoir provides a more haunting sound and is another instrumental like the opening track before the title track brings the record to an atmospheric end.
Profound Morality is not a bad record by any means. If you’re not a fan of heavy music, you won’t like it but as a fan I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Elizabeth Birt

June 22, 2022

Band management assistant. Goth princess and lover of all things music and sport.


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