Heart Of A Coward – This Place Only Brings Death

Heart Of A Coward returned to our ears with the phenomenal album that is This Place Only Brings Death!

The titular track kicks in with absolute perfection. It’s brutal and I love it. The themes of the track are really on point too, talking about fighting for survival as everything comes to an end.

Surrender to Failure is a great metalcore song, it has everything that’s needed.

Devour Me grabs your attention with its synth-led introduction and the ‘tear me apart’ hooks. It has a good breakdown too.

Decay is another synth-led track which feeds through the electronic elements in the chorus but with some tones throughout the verses to amplify the vocals.

Passenger has a great breakdown and Dehumanise’s instrumentation is reminiscent of Architects and I’m all for it.

Heart Of A Coward have returned with This Place Only Brings Death and they literally bring death to the hopes of any other record coming close to them in my albums of the year list.

This is an album of pure perfection! Everything from the lyrical content and delivery to the perfect placement of synths (which are not overused unlike in many records), guitar lines, drum beats, it’s all put together brilliantly.

Elizabeth Birt

November 9, 2023

Band management assistant. Goth princess and lover of all things music and sport.


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