Happydaze – Full Free Radical

Happydaze’s latest EP Full Free Radical was released earlier this month and is a great record.

Scottish alt-poppers Happydaze released their latest EP Full Free Radical on May 12.

Opening track Faded is a fun, upbeat opener.

The titular track is another enjoyable track. It’s catchy and fun. Day In and Out is a nice, calming song.

Heaven You Felt reminds me of a mix of early Neck Deep and Junior and I love it. It has an emotional feel to it and is about giving your all to someone who doesn’t appreciate it, something that many of us will have experienced during our lives. Luke said: ‘Heaven You Felt is about giving all you have to someone, and realising they don’t appreciate what you have done for them. It’s looking at someone you care about and realising the best path for you both is not the same as each others and how hard that decision is to make. It’s an honest song that I think anyone can relate to at some point in their life. 

Closer Same to Me is a lush track and a great way to end the record.

Full Free Radical is a fun, alt-pop punk record which I really enjoyed. Happydaze have a good thing going here and I feel that these tracks will also go down really well live.

Elizabeth Birt

May 24, 2023

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