Future Talk – The Path That Sadness Paved

Future Talk released debut EP ‘The Path that Sadness Paved’ on August 24th and here is what I thought of it…

Future Talk released debut EP ‘The Path that Sadness Paved’ on August 24th. Formed in early 2014, the Gloucester born alt-rock quartet aspire to be your new favourite band and on the basis of this four-track release, they could well be one of your new favourites with some My Chemical Romance-esque lyrics relayed perfectly over hard-hitting riffs, combining to create one of the deepest releases of the year.

Sleeping Pills opens the EP with smooth vocals beautifully complimenting the deep lyrics including “in your dreams, the only place you feel you belong”. Opening with a calming yet intriguing instrumental, gives the impression of a track that could be listened to as a real-life alternative to the title if you have trouble sleeping. A very good track with some relatable lyrics (and a great music video) that set the bar high for the rest of the EP.

Shadow Poet continues with the calming opening bars and smooth vocals. Lyrics including “you say I am a shadow of what I could have been” continue with a theme of feelings that the majority of the listeners will be able to relate to. A very catchy track with lyrics that will be in your head for days.

The Cliffs as a Reminder and closing track Fear Life are two hard-hitting, great tracks also and provide a great ending to a beautifully deep debut EP.

Elizabeth Birt

August 27, 2015

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