Erase Theory – The Good Kind EP

Former Letlive guitarist Jeff Sayhoun has returned with The Good Kind EP under his Erase Theory banner!

It’s an eerie synth sound to open the EP with Taking a Beat. The track is the longest on the record at 4minutes 50 seconds.

As the instrumentation kicks in with a jazzy but rocky sound the loudness of the synths increases. As the smooth R’n’B sounding vocals kick in, we have a good piece of music that will have you dancing around. It’s a great pop rock sound and a good, strong start to the EP.

The vocals in Man Overboard sound similar at times to Justin Timberlake’s alluring tones.

The Subtitled is the most rocky track on the EP with disjointed riffs adding more of an edge.

Closing track The Good Kind is extremely emotional but also extremely catchy.

This EP draws from a wide range of influences and honestly it’s incredible. The vocal melodies are insane on each track, and reminiscent to Issues. The guitar work mixes with the synths extremely well.

It’s also an EP that can fit a range of moods, whether you want to have a bit of a dance or just want to have a sit and listen to something fun.

Elizabeth Birt

January 10, 2024

Band management assistant. Goth princess and lover of all things music and sport.


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