Emil Bulls – Love Will Fix It

Emil Bulls’ Love Will Fix It is a cathartic album and a brilliant record!

Opener Backstabbers has some slightly distorted vocals for the opening few lines before jumping into screams but as it goes back into the clean vocals, it’s much more melodic before they return back to the slightly distorted cleans. I like the way the track fully highlights the clean vocals with a more muted instrumentation before upping the intensity alongside the screams. Lyrically, it attacks backstabbers and disloyal people.

The Devil Made Me is a very strong song which mixes vocal deliveries and has a nice sound.

The title track has an acoustic start and the title shouted across before jumping into a lovely melody. It’s a positive rock track about love and how it will – as the title suggests – fix it all. It’s a good singalong track with the hook ‘L-l-L-love will fix it all’.

She Ain’t Coming Home No More is a more mellow track about losing out on the girl which is a cool track. It’s very calming for the most part but still has a catchy melody, although it turns into a good breakdown just after the three minute mark before kicking back into the chorus.

Closing track Together is more of a ballad which focuses on how together people can do anything and be alive. It’s a lovely, positive song and a great way to end the album.

Love Will Fix It is a very cathartic album. If you’re surrounded by people who you feel are toxic to you, the album is a good one for you, especially with the opener and Happy Birthday  You Are Dead to Me. It also focuses on love and support, so it has pretty much everything – something to scream along to in frustration and to sing along to in sweet bliss.

Elizabeth Birt

February 6, 2024

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