Eat Your Heart Out – Can’t Stay Forever

Eat Your Heart Out recently released their second album Can’t Stay Forever.

Caitlin Henry wastes absolutely no time in showing off her stunning vocals as Forget Me kicks off second album Can’t Stay Forever.
It’s a catchy, poppy track which combines melodic, smooth vocals and more angsty vocals as the intensity progresses.
Down is extremely catchy and wouldn’t be out of place on Radio 1 or even Kiss. At times there is a bit of an Ash Costello vibe with the vocal lines, particularly during the second verse.
The riffs during the track are really good and I found myself repeating the track to focus on different aspects of the instrumentation to really be able to fully appreciate it.
Twenty Something is an extremely relatable track talking about being stuck not knowing and trying to figure yourself out.
Hostage begins with a punkier vibe and it’s a really good song. It has a really catchy hook.
Poison Devotion slows things down with almost three minutes of a calming, atmospheric sound. It is a nice track but doesn’t fully hold up to the rest of the record.
Headfirst closes the album on a good note. It’s a nice track which mixes poppy rock with a slight punk overtone.
Can’t Stay Forever is a fantastic album which really shows off the talent in Eat Your Heart Out.
It’s definitely one fans of the band will love and it is sure to attract new fans too.
This is an extremely good album that I think most people will love. It’s full of poppy hooks and stunning melodies. If you enjoy really catchy hooks and pop-infused rock, this is an album for you.

Elizabeth Birt

September 22, 2022

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