Dwarrowdelf – The Fallen Leaves

Dwarrowdelf will release first EP The Fallen Leaves in February. It is a masterpiece of a musical journey which really is music to the ears!

Within the Ashes, the Ember Still Burns is a stunning instrumental track that is calming yet atmospheric. The intensity levels in the track are not too much and it works well as a melodic introduction. It’s so relaxing that in all honesty I felt like it could lull me into one of the best sleeps I’d have had in a long time, like the right lullaby could do as a child.

The Journey to Dawn is a complete contrast to the opening track as it kicks in with some screams and into a ‘proper’ metal track but it does retain the atmospheric sound from the opener, which is overlaid at the start and can be heard throughout the track. Around the halfway mark it turns back into a melodic piece, but the guitars kick back in shortly after, alongside the melody. It’s six minutes of pure musical joy.

Escape From the Dreamspire is another one of pure joy. The way it switches between a melodic calming sound into a ferocious piece of metal is fantastic.

From start to finish, The Fallen Leaves is a fantastic album full of atmosphere and synths but not treading the fine line to where it’s too much. This is definitely a record I can see myself coming back to quite often. It really is a musical journey that you want to be taking!

Elizabeth Birt

February 14, 2024

Band management assistant. Goth princess and lover of all things music and sport.


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