Cosmic Ninja – Dissident Transmission

Cosmic Ninja have recently released new EP Dissident Transmission!

By Design kicks in with some spacey synths and the refreshing Bristolian twang of Tamsin Cullum, it’s great to hear vocals where natural accents are expressed and not adjusted to sound more American as has been known to be the case in many British acts over time. It’s catchy and would be really good to experience live as the crowd would be able to sing back the hook “wake up, enough’s enough, it’s time to kill your masters.”
The instrumentation is really cool too and works well.
Lies pulls all the punches as guitarist/vocalist Jonny Angelini and Tamsin deliver a no holds barred assault on politicians. It’s a single that will definitely be relatable to the British public considering the past years of government.
Snake Eyes begins with a transmission and nice riffs. The dual vocals of Tamsin and Jonny work well over a tight rhythm. The vocals in the chorus are more melodic than the opening tracks and still work well.
We Got Up ends the EP strongly. It begins differently to the previous tracks on the EP but stands up as well as they do. It’s more melodic throughout.
This is a very strong EP. It’s one that fans and first-time Cosmic Ninja listeners are sure to enjoy. There is one downside to the EP and that it’s just not long enough. I’m already looking forward to the next music to come from Cosmic Ninja.

Elizabeth Birt

June 16, 2022

Band management assistant. Goth princess and lover of all things music and sport.


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