Circles- The Stories We Are Afraid of Vol I

Last month, Circles released their new EP Stories We Are Afraid Of Vol I. It quickly became a favourite here at AltCorner!

Wonder opens the record with a synth beat which builds up as the seconds progress before abruptly stopping for a moment and then kicking back in with a fab rhythm section and riff.

As Ben’s vocals kick in, the track really gets going. The mid section’s instrumental echoes the beginning of the track and a singalong hook ensues.

Bliss is more djent-metal. It’s groovy and has a very catchy hook. Think Issues and you’ve got a good idea of what Bliss sounds like.

It’s a very good song and one of my favourites.

Echo is another of my favourites. It switches up with a very poppy vibe at the start, minimal instrumentation with boyband-esque vocals.

There’s also a great breakdown which adds edginess to the track. It’s very radio-friendly and if there was going to be a track from this EP to take Circles into mainstream radio play it would probably be this as it has everything.

Reckoning closes the EP with a stunning track that’s full of soaring vocals and cool instrumentation.

The Stories We Are Afraid Of Vol I is a fantastic EP and one Circles should be proud of.

Elizabeth Birt

December 13, 2022

Band management assistant. Goth princess and lover of all things music and sport.


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