Cartesian Jetstream – ‘Ancestors’

Jessica Merrit had a listen to Cartesian Jetstream’s new album ‘Ancestors’ and gave AltCorner her thoughts…

Let’s take a trip back to the year of 2010. It’s a rainy day in the ‘deep south’ of the Isle of Man and a psychedelic buzz is percolating through the small town. This is the sound of Cartesian Jetstream. The small town pioneers of ‘weird music for normal people.’

Fast forward three years and the band (Ben, Phil and Simon) are signed to a record label, Ballagroove Records, with an album and an ep under their belts, along with latest release ‘Ancestors’.

With everlasting tracks, lazy melodies and dreamy harmonies, this album takes you on a trip like no other.

The album opens with ‘Foxes’, a simple track which eases the listener into a relaxed frame of mind, ready to embark on this dreamlike journey.

Another stand out track is ‘Transparent eyelids’, a faster paced tune complete with pop style riffs. This picks up the pace of the album and keeps the listening experience interesting.
Although, with lyrics such as ‘I got transparent eyelids and I got an open mind’ and ‘ride hard, die free’, the song feels somewhat try-hard and cliché at times.

Overall, Ancestors is a truly pensive listen which you can fully immerse yourself and get lost within.

Jessica Merritt

June 9, 2015

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