Bad Touch – Bittersweet Satisfaction

Bad Touch have released their sick album Bittersweet Satisfaction and it definitely provides satisfaction. I would not say it’s bittersweet though!

Opening track Slip Away starts with a sick riff and is a rock track to dance to. It’s really catchy. At times I get some real Alter Bridge feels and it’s a definite arena anthem.

This Life is a very topical song calling out people for their actions.

I absolutely love Spend My Days. It has a huge anthemic chorus and is a true feel good song about wanting to spend time with a loved one but taking too long to see it.

The vocals on titular track Bittersweet Satisfaction switch up a notch and if I hadn’t paid attention to who I was listening to, I would think I’m listening to a track from the 70s or 80s era of classic rock.

We switch up to a bit more of a ballad with Nothing Wrong With That, which highlights some of the issues with the world including the state of politics and finances and talking about wanting to write a song that will make people smile. It’s a fantastic track and definitely one I can see the crowds screaming along with. It’s uplifting.

Tonight is another track that will definitely have people signing along.

The big ballad is definitely Come Back Again. It has really heartwarming lyrics talking about never giving up but that sometimes you have to leave just to come back again as well as how the sun will push through the grey skies.

Closing track Dizzy For You is a true love song and I absolutely love it.

Bad Touch’s guitarist Daniel ‘Seeks’ Seekings was quoted as saying that Bad Touch are a ‘feel-good, good time rock-n-roll band’ and he was absolutely spot on. I was in a pretty bad mood before listening to Bittersweet Satisfaction but that mood was instantly lifted as I was dancing around the room to the huge choruses and fantastic riffs. The hooks are insane and the rhythm section really holds everything together well. Each track is crafted perfectly.

It’s been a while since I’ve really enjoyed a classic rock album but this is definitely one I’ll be putting on as often as I can and can’t wait to see Bad Touch live!

Elizabeth Birt

January 3, 2024

Band management assistant. Goth princess and lover of all things music and sport.


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