Atreyu – The Moment You Find Your Flame

Atreyu released their latest EP The Moment You Find Your Flame recently and it’s a great listen!

Atreyu begin with a momentary few seconds of calming melody to introduce Good Enough before kicking into a more intense instrumentation.

As the vocals kick in, the instrumentation quietens down to allow the vocals to shine through, highlighting some really relatable lyrics, with the pace intensifying again.

The chorus has a catchy ‘hey you, are you good enough’ line. It’s a really good track and a strong one to open with.

Immortal is an anthemic and melodic track, with soaring vocal melodies and empowering lyrics, talking about rising up from the ashes. It kicks up a notch in intensity with some distorted vocals and screams before back to the soaring melodies.

Gone is a very catchy rocky track with rapidly spoken vocals and a great breakdown, which leads into a cool guitar solo.

Closer I Don’t Wanna Die begins with a lovely guitar riff and is a more relaxed song, which works well with the poignant lyrics. It’s one of the strongest tracks on the EP.

In all honesty, I hadn’t listened to much of Atreyu’s music before, aside from the odd track but it’s safe to say I am a fan now. This EP is extremely well-crafted and is full of relatable lyrics which are conveyed perfectly with a mix of calm, melodic vocals and rapid deliveries, with the odd screams in place to emphasise particular lyrics. The musicianship from every member of the band is brilliant and each do their parts well to perfectly frame each song.

Elizabeth Birt

September 27, 2023

Band management assistant. Goth princess and lover of all things music and sport.


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