Any Given Day – Limitless

Any Given Day have a fab new record called Limitless!

Any Given Day kick off Limitless with Get That Done. It’s a fast paced track with the title screamed after a few seconds of instrumentation. As the vocals kick in, it’s an in-your-face piece of music which moves between the guttural screams of the verses to the more melodic cleans of the chorus, all over a heavy metalcore mix of guitar work, drums and bass. It has a good breakdown which transitions well into a guitar solo.

The titular track Limitless is fantastic! I love the clean vocals and the hook “I waste no time on bitterness in a world that’s limitless”. It provides a slight break from the brutal verses.

Shockwave is also a pretty good track too, talking about fighting through the torment.

H.A.T.E features Annisokay, a band I love and I love this song so much too! It’s my favourite on the record. The way the vocals work together is great as they compliment each other so well. The track itself is very angsty.

If you’re a metalcore fan who loves the more traditional sound, then Limitless is a great album for you! It has great breakdowns throughout and I love the vocal contrasts.

Elizabeth Birt

January 31, 2024

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