An Elegy – Embrace The Rain

Sean Gledhill reviewed the new release by An Elegy and here is what he thought…

Embrace the Rain is the newest release, by West Midlands based Metalcore band An Elegy. If you are a fan of Metalcore music, you have no reason not to listen to this EP. There are so many reasons this new EP is a must listen, that I couldn’t list them all if I tried, but if I didn’t try then you wouldn’t be reading this. With 6 face meltingly awesome tracks, you will now be welcomed with your new favourite Metalcore band, An Elegy. Embrace The Rain makes really good use of ambiance, to give a very atmospheric feel to all of the tracks. These songs are the type that will stop you in your tracks and draw your attention to listen. This EP, really outshines a lot of other Metalcore releases out there and this is only a tiny little taste, of what is yet to come. With further releases, I’m sure an elegy will have no trouble contending with some of the Metalcore giants. This is only one of the strong points of the EP.

The production on this EP, is truly amazing coming from a band this early into it’s life, making use of some really cool effects, which are what partially make this EP sublime. The instrumentals are insane and make this band sound really tight, with some really cool riffs and a good example of bass and drums complimenting each other, it makes it sounds absolutely insanely good. There is a good balance between clean and unclean vocals and there are some really catchy lyrics in there. The EP also sees an appearance of Lock and Key vocalist Richard Lardner, which is only going to draw the attention of Lock and Key fans and they will not be disappointed. An Elegy are not afraid to use some interesting ideas and all of which are nothing short of amazing.

Any Metalcore fan should immediately stop whatever they may be doing and give this EP a listen, it is amazing from start to finish. I can guarantee that you will love Embrace The Rain if you love Metalcore and you will be listening to plenty more to prepare yourself for when they come around to your area. If you like Bury Tomorrow and Emmure, then An Elegy should also be another band you will need in your playlist. Fans of the lesser known Our Imbalance and Fed To The Ocean will also love this release. I urge you to check these guys out and show them some love as it is well and truly deserved. This EP is easily the hottest new Metalcore release on the block and it is out for blood. Do yourself a favour and don’t miss out!

Sean Gledhill

June 6, 2015

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