Alt Blk Era – Freak Show

If you’ve not yet heard of Alt Blk Era, I don’t know what rock you’ve been hiding under, but you really have to check out their EO Freak Show!

Opening track I’m Normally Like This is a great opener and shows so much talent from the young sisters.

It’s angsty, with relatable lyrics which are empowering to be yourself whether people like it or not. The switching vocal deliveries lean into hip hop stylings and there are synth-style sounds overlaying a repetitive drum beat which fits well to highlight the lyrical intensity.

Misfits: SOLAR begins with an atmospheric synth sound and hip-hop vocal deliveries which increases in intensity. It has a really catchy hook.

The opening of the titular track is quite eerie with the atmospheric instrumentation and the repetitive lyrics before kicking into a more intense vocal delivery. It’s a very haunting track which uses the higher pitched vocals and eerie music well to create a haunting sound which contrasts well with the lower vocals.

Oggy is a track that will go down extremely well live, with the classic ‘oggy oggy’ chant which will have the crowd shouting along.

This is an extremely strong debut EP. The way the tracks are put together is done so well and the maturity in the lyrics is more commonly seen in bands that have been around for years, yet listening to Freak Show, you can hear maturity beyond their years. Don’t sleep on Alt Blk Era!

Elizabeth Birt

September 8, 2023

Band management assistant. Goth princess and lover of all things music and sport.


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