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Our Monday Motivation playlist is back to help you get through the dreary Monday!

Wednesday 13 – Necrophaze

The titular track from Wednesday 13‘s latest album Necrophaze is one hell of a tune and it features the legend that is Alice Cooper.

Wednesday says: “The title track Necrophaze is one of my favorites on the new album, and not just because it features my shock rock hero Alice Cooper. Alice helps deliver the first brutal axe swing on this album, starting the record off and getting the blood flowing immediately.

“I like to compare Necrophaze to the movie Creepshow, as if every song is a different part of the story. This is the first part of the story and it cuts straight to the bone. Enter the Necrophaze.”

Chapter Nineteen – Stephen

Dedicating your debut single to a legendary author is quite cool and this is what rock duo Chapter Nineteen have done with Stephen!

The track is dedicated to horror novelist Stephen King.

Vocalist/guitarist/bassist Dave Musson said: “As you can probably tell from the fact the band is called CHAPTER NINETEEN and our first single is about Stephen King, I’m a massive fan of the master of horror.

“I’ve had the idea for this video for a long time – I knew I wanted to create something that referenced as many of King’s works as possible. So, I went through his entire bibliography and came up with something for everything he’s written, before trying to distill that into something that would still work as a cohesive visual story. And, as it turns out, I think we managed it.

“This is my visual love letter to my favourite author, and I really hope Constant Readers everywhere have fun trying to spot all of the references. Oh, and if they like the song too, that would be a bonus!”

Counterparts – Separate Wounds

Counterparts have revealed their new single Separate Wounds. The track is taken from their forthcoming album Nowhere Left To Run (November 1, Pure Noise Records).


Stray From The Path – Actions Not Words

Stray From The Path have revealed their new single Actions Not Words. The track is taken from their forthcoming album Internal Atomics (November 1, UNFD).

Amon Amarth – Shield Wall

Viking metallers Amon Amarth get all historical on us with Shield Wall.

The video depicts accurate battle tactics used by the Vikings and came together with the help of Viking reenactor Igor Górewicz of the Triglav and Jomsborg Vikings.

Jamie Lenman – Admantium Rage

Jamie Lenman has revealed another absolute tune in Admantium Rage!

The track is his cover of one of his favourite 90s video games: Wolverine: Admantium Rage!

Jamie said: “I’ve loved comics since I was very little and my first love was always batman, but when their excellent cartoon started in the 90s I became obsessed with the x-men, and wolverine was my favourite. I watched the show, I read the books and I played the games, which is where this theme is from.”

“The little girl in the video is very much my younger self, it’s definitely autobiographical. As a kid you’re powerless, but these heroes gave you power. The x men said, ‘that power is inside of you, waiting to come out’. It was a wonderful feeling and I’ll always love them for it.”

“We filmed it in my DOP’s home town, starring his daughter Flo. After some initial reluctance, she conquered her natural shyness and gave a stunning performance. Her dad says she hasn’t been the same since, and I’m sure the creators of those characters would be proud to know that they helped her find that power. She also managed to negotiate a twenty-pound acting fee, which is more than I’ve ever got for being in a music video!”



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