Records to look out for: Teasers for June 9

Welcome to our weekly round up of the new records we’re excited for! We hope you enjoy the teasers!

Imperial Tide – Existence in Crisis

Imperial Tide will release new EP Existence in Crisis on August 18 through Mascot Records.

On the EP, the band said: “Existence in Crisis is the reflection of the world around us, and our space we create in. The songs are a breath of fresh air without re-writing the history of the band. We put the songs together over a period of time that was filled with unrest, personally and socially. We had to say something about what we were seeing and the issues that were so blatantly present. At our core we aren’t afraid to ask questions or push back on the things we don’t agree with. The EP is our first step into pushing ‘Tide in a way that separates us from the standard product that our genre seems to revert to.”


1. King Of The Gutter
2. Off The Leash
3. Slip
4. R.A.T.
5. Blood In The Streets
6. Malice In The Palace

Koyo- Would You Miss It?

Koyo will release debut album Would You Miss It? on September 29 through Pure Noise Records.


1. 51st State
2. You’re On The List (Minus One)
3. Life’s A Pill
4. I Might Not
5. Flatline Afternoon (feat. Anthony DiDio)
6. Anthem
7. Sayonara Motel
8. Message Like A Bomb (feat. Daryl Palumbo)
9. What’s Left To Say (feat. Vinnie Caruana)
10. Postcards
11. Crushed

Morgan Wade – Psychopath

Morgan Wade will release new album Psychopath on August 25.

Evile – The Unknown

Credit: Steve Dutton

Evile will release new album The Unknown on July 14 through Napalm Records.

“We’re really excited to start revealing the next page in the Evile chapter”, says frontman OL Drake on the new album. “We’ve taken a completely different approach on this album and I looked inward for inspiration; I’ve opened myself up like I never thought I would. We’ve always been at 500mph, like on the previous album (Hell Unleashed) and this time around we felt we wanted to try the polar opposite – some slower-than-we’ve-ever-done tempos with more melodic vocal hooks, and give Adam [Smith, guitar] some freedom on the leads/writing. I’ve been working on my vocals since diving in the deep end in 2021, and we’ve worked hard for two years on this, so I’m excited for everyone to hear the fruits of our labour. We’re really proud of what we’ve all accomplished with this album. This is the one I hope can catapult us to more ears and places we haven’t been before to play for people who are constantly asking us to play in their area.”


1. The Unknown
2. The Mask We Wear
3. Monolith
4. When Mortal Coils Shed
5. Sleepless Eyes
6. Out of Sight
7. At Mirror’s Speech
8. Reap What You Sow
9. Beginning of the End
10. Balance of Time

Lacey – This is All We Are

Lacey will release new album This is All We Are on July 17.

Lacey describe This is All We Are as “14 tracks of lyrical darkness wrapped in a shiny, anthemic, pop package”.

Vocalist Graham Turner said: “Basically, the soundtrack to what it’s like to feel everything and nothing, all at the same time. Lyrically, no stone is left unturned, and I can guarantee if you’ve ever felt anything, it will be addressed here. This really is a soul bearing ride through every, conceivable human emotion. This is all we are”.


1) 3AM Sonata
2) Run Away
3) Maybe I’m Alive
4) Easy Way Out
5) Dream In A Little Less Colour
6) I’m Losing Myself
7) Middle England
8) & Always
9) You Were Right
10) I Always Tell The Truth (Even When I Lie)
11) You Can’t Compete With History
12) Answers
13) Flaws
14) This Is All We Are

Hail The Sun – Divine Inner Tension

Credit: Natalie Huyen

Hail The Sun will release album Divine Inner Tension on August 11 through Rude Records.

Donovan Melero said: “This is the first album we’ve written that didn’t come exclusively from a place of suffering or pain. Sadness, heartbreak and nihilism all inspire, but during the pandemic, there was a big shift, and this is more about retelling the story – retelling stories about everyday perceptions. Everything comes from within, so I thought that maybe I don’t have to suffer to feel inspired.”


1. Tunnel Vision Alibi

2. Mind Rider

3. Chunker

4. 60-Minute Session Blocks

5. Maladapted

6. The Story Writes Itself

7. (In My Dream)

8. I Saw You Hanging

9. Tithe

10. Feeble Words

11. Little Song

12. Under the Floor


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