Records to look out for: Teasers for June 2

Welcome to our weekly round up of the recently announced albums we’re excited for! We hope you enjoy these teasers!

Dayshifter – Hiraeth

Dayshifter will release debut album Hiraeth on June 8.

Discussing what they hope to achieve with the album the band explain: “Our goal with Hiraeth is to break down the stigma surrounding mental health and encourage open communication. We hope to use our music as a platform to show listeners that they are not alone in their struggles and that there is always someone who understands how they feel.”


1. Emerald Green

2. Holy Ghost

3. 1936

4. Rain (Forever)

5. Rosé

6. Old Souls, Young Hearts

7. Anywhere But Here

8. Buried In Grey

9. Hiraeth

10. Fever Dreaming

Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam – Mortuary Pantomime

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Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam will release new album Mortuary Pantomime on August 4.

The band has been away for five years and vocalist/guitarist Andy Bullock said: “We’re still out here trying to steal your hearts, while actually stealing all your best drummers (we now have 3), playing all the right notes but not necessarily in the right order, and attempting to not take ourselves too seriously, while being serious about the end product. I promise. I hope you enjoy our new record as much as we enjoyed making it.”

“It’s always tough attempting to explain the themes of one of our records,” continues Andy on the new album, “especially with the rate at which both the world and our lives are moving at present. What I can say is that our songwriting will always come from a deeply personal space and sometimes the interpretation from the listener can be more accurate than the original conception.”

Chris Farren- Doom Singer

Credit: Kat Nijmeddin

Chris Farren will release new album Doom Singler on August 4 through Polyvinyl.


1. Bluish
2. All We Ever
3. Get Over U
4. Only U
5. Doom Singer
6. Screensaver
7. First Place
8. My Beauty
9. Cosmic Leash
10. Statue Song

Spoon – Memory Dust

Credit: Pooneh Ghana

Spoon will release new EP Memory Dust on June 13.


Sugar Babies
She’s Fine, She’s Mine
Silver Girl

Keep This Up – Paper Houses

Keep This Up will release new EP Paper Houses on June 30.

The band said: “Paper Houses is a culmination of songs from the heart. Exploring hard hitting lyrics through melodic riffs and hardcore breakdowns. From toxic breakups to finding yourself – this EP explores life and the details”


1) Fire Bottle
2) Find Myself
3) Lost
4) As Above, So Below
5) Bury Me
6) Paper Houses

Andrew Hung – Deliverance

Credit: Zoe Davis

Andrew Hung will release new album Deliverance on August 11 through Lex Records.


1. Ocean Mouth
2. Find Out
3. Too Much
4. Changes
5. Soldier
6. Never be the Same
7. Don’t Believe it Now
8. Love Is

Snõõper – Super Snõõper

Credit: Monica Murray

Snõõper will release debut album Super Snõõper on July 14 through Third Man Records.


1. Stretching
2. Bed Bugs
3. Pod
4. Fitness
5. Powerball
6. Xerox
7. Fruit Fly
8. Inventory
9. Stretching 2 (vinyl only)
10. Stretching 3 (vinyl only)
11. Defect
12. Town Topic
13. Music For Spies
14. Microbe
15. Unable
16. Running

Spanish Love Songs – No Joy

Spanish Love Songs will release album No Joy on August 25 through Pure Noise Records.


Clean-Up Crew
Middle of Nine
I’m Gonna Miss Everything
Rapture Chaser
Here You Are
Exit Bags
Re-Emerging Signs of the Apocalypse

Hozier – Unreal Unearth

Julia Johnson

Hozier will release new album Unreal Unearth on August 18.
In a handwritten letter to fans, he said: “It’s my great pleasure at long last to make the official announcement on the release date of my third album, Unreal Unearth. After a journey of some years, the album will find its way to you on August 18th, just a few short months away.
“I’m proud of this record and enjoyed watching it come to life over the past year. Thank you as always for your support and patience while it was coming to fruition.”

Mutoid Man – Mutants

Credit: Jason Zucco

Mutoid Man will release new album Mutants on July 28. It is their first release in six years.


Call of the Void
Frozen Hearts
Broken Glass Ceiling
Siren Song
Graveyard Love
Memory Hole
Setting Sun

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