Records to look out for – May 13 edition

Here is our weekly roundup of the newly announced albums and EPs from across the alternative music world.

Electric Callboy – Tekkno

Electric Callboy will release new album Tekkno on September 9 through Century Media Records.

Kevin said: “It feels so unbelievably good to finally present our new album “TEKKNO“ to the world. Created in a time without any live shows we put all our passion, energy and craziness into this one record. Never felt it more intense to write new music.

“With this announcement we celebrate the liberation from our daily studio routine back to many awesome live shows with you guys! We can’t wait to see you again soon!”


Pump It
We Got The Moves
Fuckboi (feat. Conquer Divide)
Spaceman (feat. Finch)
Arrow Of Love
Tekkno Train

Valleyheart – Heal My Head

Credit: Mitchell Wojcik

Valleyheart will release new album Heal My Head on June 3 through  Tooth & Nail.

“At an individual and communal level, we deal with trauma and unsettling questions of our identity and existence,” Klein shares about the deeply personal nature of Heal My Head. At the album’s core is the ultimate and universal desire to connect. He continues, “From a lyrical perspective, I wrote this album to talk about and unwrap those things in my own life and relationships. When you open this door, there’s a lot of pain to sift through, so I’m trying to create a language for listeners to have those conversations. I hope it’s a platform for people, so they don’t feel alone as they go through life.”


“The Numbers”
“Heal My Head”
“Vampire Smile”
“Your Favorite Jacket”
“Back & Forth”
“Warning Signs”
“The Days”

Exocrine – The Hybrid Suns

Exocrine will release new album The Hybrid Suns on June 17 through Unique Leader.


1. The Hybrid Suns
2. Dying Light
3. Horns
4. Watchtower
5. Vortex of Shadow
6. End of Time
7. Burning Sand
8. Blast
9. Shrine

Sheafs – A Happy Medium

Credit: Jake Haseldine

Sheafs will release new album A Happy Medium on July 15 through  Modern Sky UK.

Dear Seattle – Someday

Dear Seattle will release new album Someday on June 17 through Domestic La La.

Brae said: “It’s aspirational and has this feeling of hope for being better someday,” he says of the album name. “But at the same time, it shines a light on how myself and the band have often caught ourselves living too much in the future “someday” and not enough in the present.”

He adds: “The process of wading through your own struggles and crap is also bittersweet because you need to go through some really heavy stuff, but when you push through that you come out more aware, responsible and accountable for your habits and tendencies and ultimately feeling lighter and better on the other side.”


1. Home
2. In My Head
3. Way Out
4. Here To Stay
5. Feel The Weight
6. Irretrievable
7. Aside Again
8. Paranoid Letter
9. Split
10. A Perfect House
11. Someday

Limbs – Coma EP

Limbs will release their Coma Year EP on June 24 through UNFD.

“I have absolutely poured myself out into this EP, lyrically,” says singer Austin McAuley about the emotional depths he explores on the new material. “It’s been a form of therapy for me to write these songs and get things off my chest. I lost my father in 2015, and as much as I’ve been doing my best to get by over the years, as soon as the pandemic hit, it felt like I was reliving all of those feelings all over again and losing everything important to me. It amplified those feelings I’d tried to bury.”

Guitarist Jordan Hunter said: “Even if these stories are not their experience in a literal sense, I think listeners will connect to the total honesty and vulnerability we’ve put on the table. These are the insecurities and traumas we face on a day-to-day basis, and we’ve learned that the only way you ever overcome something is by bringing it to the forefront and tackling it. And that’s exactly what these lyrics do.”

Austin finished: “I just want them to know that you’re never truly alone. If you’re struggling with anything, if the words in this song hit you in a specific way, talk to me, reach out to your loved ones. I want this EP to be a siren or a beacon for people to hear and realize that they’re not the only one in a dark place.”


“Mortality Moment”
“Spirit Breaker”
“Coma Year”
“If I Go Before You”
“Blood and Heel”
“Slow Burn”


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May 13, 2022

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