Best New Singles – Jan 2019 | Roundup

Every week, we round up our favourite new singles to have come out of the musical world. Whether they be hardcore or pop-punk, we round them all up for a complete guide of the top new tracks!

Rotting Out – Reaper

Los Angeles based hardcorers Rotting Out have revealed their new single Reaper! The track is the first new music since 2015 EP Reckoning! The band’s Walter Delgado says: “The song is essentially about coming to grips with the reality that a part of you has to die for the rest of you to continue. Old rules and defence mechanisms are no longer applicable in this place and time for me. Those almost instinctively responses to every day stress and matters are now counterproductive. I have now realise that I’ve been self sabotaging my own happiness and progression. Cut off the limb before it contaminates the rest of the body forever. I have to be the reaper and bring to death things that are slowly killing me.”

Our Nameless Boy – All It Is

Bristol’s Our Nameless Boy have revealed their latest single All It Is! The track and visual provides an intense documentation of vocalist/guitarist Iain Gorrie’s 11 month battle with testicular cancer. He says: “I was scheduled to start my course of chemo in January, but a high blood count meant I had to begin just before Xmas. The NHS team who looked after me were brilliant and my then girlfriend (now wife) shaved her head in solidarity with me and raised a load of money for charity in the process”

“I finished chemo in March 2016 and we began filming the music video for ‘All It Is’ about 2 weeks later, just before I had to go in for another operation.”

Cane Hill – 86D – No Escort

Cane Hill celebrated the release of their latest EP Kill The Sun by releasing new single 86D – No Escort!

Frontman Elijah Witt explains: ’86d/No Escort was actually the first song with predominant electronic influence. We wrote it with Drew Fulk and he brought that out of us and helped us shape the rest of the EP. Originally there weren’t any real drums at all but Devin really came through adding the dynamics he did with it. I think everyone goes through time periods where you don’t care about anything or anyone, this song is about my reflection during this period’

I Don’t Know How But They Found Me – Choke

The alt-pop duo of Dallon Weeks and Ryan Seaman have revealed their new single Choke!

Project Redshift – Crossfire

Lincolnshire rockers Project Redshift have revealed their new single Crossfire! The track is about the topic of war, something the trio feel strongly about. Vocalist/guitarist Josh Tunnicliffe explains; “Crossfire is a song I wrote about a subject that I feel very strongly about – war. It’s about how soldiers go out onto a battlefield and fight other soldiers, and these people are more than likely not just fighting for a cause that they believe in, and they may end up dying because of an argument between the people high up in government, sat in their houses and making decisions on what the soldiers do next.

We all believe this is our best song yet. I put a lot of time into writing it and making it exactly how I wanted it and we’ve put a huge amount of time and effort into producing the single and video to make sure they represent the meaning well.”

Beartooth – You Never Know

Columbus rockers Beartooth have revealed their new single You Never Know! The track is lifted from their acclaimed third album Disease! Describing the single, the band say;

“You never know is about the mental state you’re in during a panic attack. It’s truly indescribable unless you’ve been through it. This video is our attempt at depicting that feeling. We also threw in some kick-ass hogs. What more do ya need for a music video?”

Parkway Drive – Shadow Boxing

Aussie favourites Parkway Drive have fired their latest single Shadow Boxing our way and it really is a treat! The track is lifted from their critically acclaimed sixth album Reverence!

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January 25, 2019

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