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Here we round up some of the most promising of the latest records that have been announced! We give you a little teaser of each too!

Iced Earth – Alive in Athens 20th anniversary edition

Iced Earth will be releasing the 20th anniversary edition of their album Alive in Athens on December 6.

Jon Schaffer said: ‘“Alive In Athens” has been called one of the greatest heavy metal live albums of all time. For me, it was one of the high points in a long and eventful journey that carries on to this day. I’ve experienced some of the best memories of my musical and personal life in Greece and these two nights in Athens are certainly no exception. I am honored and humbled by the passion of ICED EARTH fans in Greece and all over the world and hope you will all enjoy this ultimate edition of “Alive in Athens”!’

Side I

  1. Burning Times
  2. Vengeance Is Mine
  3. Pure Evil
  4. My Own Savior

Side II

  1. Melancholy (Holy Martyr)
  2. Dante’s Inferno

Side III

  1. The Hunter
  2. Travel In Stygian
  3. Colors

Side IV

  1. Diary
  2. Blessed Are You
  3. Violate

Side V

  1. Dark Saga
  2. The Last Laugh
  3. Last December
  4. Watching Over Me

Side VI

  1. Angels Holocaust
  2. Stormrider
  3. The Path I Choose
  4. I Died For You

Side VII

  1. Prophecy
  2. Birth Of The Wicked
  3. The Coming Curse


  1. Stand Alone
  2. Cast In Stone
  3. Desert Rain

Side IX

  1. Brainwashed
  2. Disciples Of The Lie
  3. When The Night Falls

Side X

  1. Slave To The Dark
  2. A Question Of Heaven
  3. Iced Earth

Of Allies – Are We Better Off?

Brit rockers Of Allies will be releasing their second album Are We Better Off? on December 13!

Its no surprise that this record is one that is anticipated, with their debut album reaching four million streams since its 2017 release!

Stone Sour – Hello, You Bastards: Live in Reno

Rockers Stone Sour have announced a live album. Hello, You Bastards: Live in Reno will be released on December 13 through Cooking Vinyl.

Guitarist Josh Rand said: “It’s with great pleasure that I get to announce the first ever official Stone Sour live record release. This is the Reno show in its entirety, just how it went down on October 5th, 2018. We’re extremely proud of the fact that it’s 100% live with absolutely no overdubs! It’s not perfect but neither are we. As a collector myself, I wanted this limited edition release to be very special. The vinyl is pressed on 180g, giving you the best audio quality possible, and is limited to 2500 copies worldwide. I hope you enjoy this as much as we did playing it.”

‘Hello, You Bastards: Live In Reno’ Tracklisting
2. Taipei Person / Allah Tea
3. Do Me A Favor
4. Knievel Has Landed
5. Whiplash Pants
6. Absolute Zero
7. Bother
8. Tired
9. Rose Red Violent Blue
10. 30/30-150
11. Get Inside
12. Reborn
13. Song #3
14. Through Glass
15. Made of Scars
16. Fabuless

Meg & Dia – December Darling

Meg & Dia will release their Christmas album December Darling on November 15 through Pure Noise Records.

Meg said: “This year Dia and I wanted to make an album with our own take on some Christmas classics as well as a few originals. I hope that as people are spending time with their friends and family this holiday season, our music playing along in the background will add just a hint of holiday magic.” 

‘December, Darling’ Track Listing

1. Let it Snow

2. December, Darling

3. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

4. Winter Wonderland

5. Christmas All The Time

6. Lights Blown Out

7. It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

8. White Christmas

9. The Christmas Song

10. Christmas Tree

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