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Welcome to our weekly round up of some of the recently announced albums and EPs that we’re excited for!

Closure In Moscow – Soft Hell

Closure In Moscow will release their first album in more than a decade when Soft Hell is unleashed on the world on October 27 through Bird’s Robe Records.

About the new album, the band says: “It’s finally here for you to pre-order, the last nine years distilled down to 50 minutes. We’ve put blood, sweat and years into this, and fully believe when you hear these tracks, the wait will have been worth it. We know you have to take our word on that for the time being, but the wait is almost over.

“Getting comfortable with chronic discomfort caused by the choices that fears and trauma lead you to make. This is life in a soft hell. There are enough distractions to stave off facing up to it, you can keep yourself in denial to avoid it, and things can just keep ticking along. Life becomes a fever dream of creature comforts and time killers, floating further into a lake of fire. People come along to pull you out, but they too get burned when you feel too stuck to climb with them.

“Thank you to everyone that had been patiently waiting for new music. Everyone involved with working on this went so above and beyond because they believed in it, and we hope you hear what they heard too.”


1: Jaeger Bomb
2: Primal Sinister
3: Absolute Terror Field
4: Better Way
5: Holy Rush
6: Keeper of the Lake
7: Lock & key
8: Don Juan Triumphant
9: Soft Hell
10: Fine
11: Lovelash
12: My Dearest Kate

Catch Your Breath – Shame on Me

Credit: Aaron Marsh

Catch Your Breath will release debut album Shame on Me on October 20 through Thriller Records!

Vocalist Josh Mowery said: “Shame On Me is an accumulation of songs written about my past. My journey to my early adulthood. Every song is attached to a significant point in my life, or someone in my life at one point or another. Hopefully these songs reach people, and help them heal, much like music did for me growing up.”


1. No Evil
2. Dying On The Inside
3. Dial Tone
4. Cycles
5. Deadly
6. Y.S.K.W
7. My Confessions
8. Savages
9. Mirror
10. Don’t Go
11. Cold Light
12. 21 Gun Salute
13. Shame On Me

CHROMA – Ask for Angela

Credit: Wall Of Sound PR

CHROMA will release debut album Ask for Angela on October 20 through Alcopop! Records.

“It brings us such joy to announce that our debut album Ask For Angela is finally being released to the world this October,” say the band of the news. “After a few long gruelling years of waiting for the right time, at least it finally feels right that we put our first baby out for the world to see and hear. This album takes us in a direction that we as a band feel as if it affirms the sound that we’ve always wanted to create, and with thanks to Steffan Pringle and Tom E1 Mastering and Duplication, they’ve helped bring these songs to life. Ask For Angela is no longer just ours, but it’s yours, now and forever. We hope you find as much joy in this record as it was for us to create.”


01. Don’t Wanna Go Out
02. Girls Talk
03. Don’t Mind Me
04. Woman To Woman
05. Head In Transit
06. I Wanna Be Where You Are
07. Life’s A Bitch
08. Bombs Away
09. Look At Me
10. Interlude
11. Over The Hill

Sugar Horse – Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

Sugar Horse will release new EP Truth or Consequences, New Mexico on November 3 through Fat Dracula Records.

Telling the story of Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico, the band state: “It’s frequently been difficult for us, as a band, to limit ourselves to “normal” pop song lengths and structures….as evidenced in pretty much all of our releases to date. From time to time we feel the need to loose the ropes that bind us and let our Long & Tedious flag fly freely. Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico is the result of said untethering.

“We’ve always found the idea of exploring a single note over long stretches of time interesting and this song is that idea taken to an extreme logical conclusion. It’s an exploration of the note A in all its possible variations.
“Lyrically the song is an extravaganza of navel-gazing. There’s a cliché in the literary world nowadays of authors writing novels about the trials, tribulations and rewards of writing a novel. Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico is just as sickeningly self-referential, exploring the obsessive urge to create art of all kinds and how it turns into a cycle of imbibing real life experiences, then spitting them back out in whatever artistic discipline you happen to find yourself practicing. A kind of snake eating its own tail….but with the kind of self-pitying pretentiousness that only folks who think they’re very clever indeed (that’s us) would want to impose on themselves.”


1. I – Truth
2. II – Or
3. III – Consequences
4. IV – Comma
5. V – Neu
6. VI – Mexico

Silent Planet – Superbloom

Credit: Aaron Marsh

Silent Planet will release new record Superbloom on November 3 through Solid State Records.

“A SUPERBLOOM is this strange moment where brilliant fauna spring forth unexpectedly and bring forth such an array of colors, it almost feels alien in origin,” Garrett notes. “It only lasts for a couple of weeks before it’s gone. While we were recording, the SUPERBLOOM was happening. For me, the record is getting in touch with the other side and watching the strange and paranormal emerge from the mundane and profane, hence the title.”

Over the course of two years, they recorded what would become SUPERBLOOM in Woodland Hills, CA alongside longtime producer and frequent collaborator Daniel Braunstein. A jarring turn of events split the process into two seasons. Trekking through a Wyoming snowstorm in November 2022, Silent Planet survived a vehicle accident. The van flipped over, leaving the group laying in the wreckage of a bitter Wyoming snowstorm as Garrett was hospitalized with a fractured back and head wound requiring stitches.

The majority of us were awake when we felt the van start to slide,” he says. “We had some time to come to grips with the fact we were about to go down and have a close brush with death. Afterwards, we talked about what to do with the band. We went back into the record with an increased willingness to take risks. It bolstered our confidence to try new things. When the accident happened, it did something to my head, and it fed into the album.”

Along the way, they settled on a conceptual framework, expanding the scope of their vision like never before. “I grew up in Northern California,” he continues. “There’s a strip of the state known as Humboldt County, but it’s called the ‘Lost Cove.’ It’s a hotbed for strange and paranormal events like UFO and Big Foot sightings. There’s so much we haven’t uncovered. It’s possible our reality as we know it is not complete. We started telling the tale of a 17-year-old who went missing. It’s based on a true story with many details changed. Art dictates reality, and reality dictates art. Making this record was a very strange and mystical process. It’s the most magical and inspired moment of our career so far.”


1) Lights Off the Lost Coast
2) Offworlder
3) Collider
4) Euphoria
5) Dreamwalker
6) Antimatter
7) :Signal:
8) Anunnaki
9) The Overgrowth
10) Nexus
11) Re-Entry

Air Drawn Dagger – Songs to Fight the Gods to

Credit: @RiccardoCenciMedia

Air Drawn Dagger will release new record Songs to Fight the Gods to on October 13 through Silent Cult Records.


1. You Should Have Known Better
2. Title Fight
3. GhostsGhostsGhosts (Phantoms)
4. Stigmata

5. The Collapse of Mount Plethora

The Callous Daoboys – God Smiles Upon The Callous Daoboys

The Callous Daoboys will release new EP God Smiles Upon The Callous Daoboys on October 20 through MNRK Heavy.

Carson Pace said: “In a way it feels like the band just started, even though we’ve been chipping away at it for the last six years. We want to be the defining band of this weirdo genre-swapping heavy music, where you can’t put it under an umbrella. I think what’s cool about it is it’s just immediately like, ‘Hey, fuck you, this is The Callous Daoboys!’”


1. Pushing The Pink Envelope
2. Waco Jesus
3. Designer Shroud Of Turin (Feat. pulses.)

Archives – No Bliss in Ignorance

Archives will release album No Bliss in Ignorance on November 10.


1. Deathdealers

2. No sweat

3. Matriarch

4. Make no mistake

5. Self Inflicted

6. Liquid love affair

8. Sharkpit

9. Deepest darkest circle

10. Catharsis

Spiritbox – The Fear of Fear

Credit: Jonathan Weiner

Spiritbox will release EP The Fear of Fear on November 3 through Rise Records/Pale Chord.


1. Cellar Door

2. Jaded

3. Too Close / Too Late

4. Angel Eyes

5. The Void

6. Ultraviolet

Blackberry Smoke – Be Right Here

Blackberry Smoke will release new album Be Right Here on February 16 through 3Legged Records.

Reflecting on the project, Charlie Starr shares, “We always track live together, but this time we had all our amps and drums and everything in the same room. It’s just as natural and as real as possible. The last album was very raw too, but with this one I remember different times I would say, ‘I think we should redo that,’ and Dave was like, ‘No, leave it that way. That way it’s magical.'”


1. Dig A Hole

2. Hammer And The Nail

3. Like It Was Yesterday

4. Be So Lucky

5. Azalea

6. Don’t Mind If I Do

7. Whatcha Know Good

8. Other Side of the Light

9. Little Bit Crazy

10. Barefoot Angel

Boys Like Girls – Sunday at Foxwood

Boys Like Girls will release album Sunday at Foxwood on October 20 through Fearless Records.

It is their first album in 11 years and is announced with single CRY which also took around a decade to be brought to the public!

“I’m not really a campfire style singer, but on my third or fourth date with my now wife she asked me to play her a song. I don’t know why, but I picked up the guitar and started playing ‘CRY’ in front of someone for the first time,” lead vocalist Martin Johnson reflects. “A crazy thing happened…I felt the song in the way I had always wanted to. I meant the words I was singing…and I meant them for her. To me, every song is a living, breathing thing. Some are born before their time. Some are just supposed to make you feel good, some have great purpose. Sometimes when you write, you’re telling a real story, but sometimes it’s a made up one. Sometimes the words just sound good and you figure it out later. This one took years to reveal itself.”

“My hope is that ‘CRY’ finds its purpose and meaning to the listener a bit quicker than it took for me,” Martin Johnson continues. “More importantly, my hope is that it finds the ears of those who need it. A couple weeks ago Beef and I were sitting in my truck outside the studio, critically listening to mixes of our first album together in a dozen years. At the end of “CRY,” I looked to the passenger seat and the toughest man I know had tears running down his face and into his beard. We hugged and cried together in the car, two old friends still making music together, still pushing each other to be better musicians and men 20 years after we met in 2003. Even if this one is just for us, I know in my heart that it was worth waiting until the time was right. And after 10 years of waiting, I’m finally ready to sing it, and we’re finally ready to share it with you. the time is right.”



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