New records to look out for: Teasers for September 1

Welcome to our weekly round up of some of the recently announced albums and EPs that we’re excited for!

Dead Formats Vol 2

Pure Noise Records and Pabst Blue Ribbon will be releasing the Dead Formats Vol 2 compilation on September 5.

“PBR has a long history of engaging and supporting artists so for us to be able to work with Pure Noise is really special. We love this concept and knowing that the artists involved had fun putting this together makes it all rewarding. We hope it’s a record that inspires discovery and nostalgia from the legendary comps.” – Josh Feingold (Senior Director of Marketing Partnerships – PBR)

‘Dead Formats’ Vol 2 Track List:

1. Less Than Jake “Come Dancing” (Original by The Kinks)
2. Knuckle Puck “Losing A Whole Year” (Original by Third Eye Blind)
3. Lavalove “Lithium” (Original by Nirvana)
4. The Chisel “Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting)” (Original by Elton John)
5. Koyo “Do You Still Hate Me?” (Original by Jawbreaker)
6. Prince Daddy and the Hyena “You Get What You Give” (Original by New Radicals)
7. The Early November “Bizarre Love Triangle” (Original by New Order)
8. The Seafloor Cinema “Cute Without the E” (Original by Taking Back Sunday)
9. Belmont “Lying From You” (Original by Linkin Park)
10. Mugshot “Get This” (Original by Slipknot)
11. Action/Adventure “Hanging By A Moment” (Original by Lifehouse)
12. Youth Fountain “Look What Happened” (Original by Less Than Jake)
13. Mint Green “Drive” (Original by Incubus)
14. Sad Park “Sink To The Bottom” (Original by Fountains Of Wayne)
15. The Bouncing Souls  “In The Dark” (Toots And The Maytals)

Lonely The Brave – What We Do to Feel?

Credit: Nick Pope

Lonely The Brave will release new album What We Do to Feel? on November 10 through Easy Life.

Guitarist Mark Trotter comments: “You can plan it out as much as you want, but you’re just along for the ride. That’s the most exciting part, seeing what it decided to be. With this album, we’re certainly more mature as people and as a band. That makes sense with everything that has happened since our last one.”


1. Long Way
2. The Lens
3. Our Sketch Out
4. Victim
5. Colour Me Sad
6. The Ramp
7. In The Well
8. Eventide
9. Unseen
10. The Bear

The Struts – Pretty Vicious

Credit: Ben Cope

The Struts will release new album Pretty Vicious on November 3.

“This record showcases each individual member’s strengths,” vocalist Luke Spiller says of their impending album. “It’s some of my favorite music, hands down, we’ve ever conjured up. It’s the record everyone’s been waiting for.”


1. ‘Too Good At Raising Hell’
2. ‘Pretty Vicious’
3. ‘I Won’t Run’
4. ‘Hands On Me’
5. ‘Do What You Want’
6. ‘Rockstar’
7. ‘Remember The Name’
8. ‘Bad Decisions’
9. ‘Better Love’
10. ‘Gimme Some Blood’
11. ‘Somebody Someday’

Best Ex – With a Smile

Credit: Mariel Loveland

Best Ex will release debut album With a Smile on October 6 through Alcopop! Records.

“I feel way more excited than nervous. To be totally honest, this is the only thing I have ever wanted,” says Mariel Loveland of NYC-based indie-pop band Best Ex about the announcement of the album.

“So many times, when I feel like I’m flailing around with no direction, the universe seems to give me exactly what I need. In this case, the month I was getting ready to think about recording a new single, Iodine Records randomly reached out to me and asked if I wanted to make an album. I honestly had been feeling like I may never get the opportunity to make a full length on my own—especially with how much the industry has changed since I made music with Candy Hearts. Of course, I said ‘ABSOLUTELY YES.’ It feels like the world is giving me a second chance, and I hope fans will too.”

The album as a whole speaks about the ways in which society dictates that a woman should smile. “We’re expected to be a million things, but one of those is always pleasant in public,” she says. “We’re supposed to suck up our issues with our mental health (lest we get labelled hysterical or over-emotional). We’re expected to shrug off the injustices we see in the world. We’re expected to smile through our own abuse and never say a word. And of course, sometimes we smile for good reason. We fall in love, people make us laugh, the sunshine in the summer feels healing. Good things do happen, there is still beauty in the world. I’m not a total cynic, I’m just an exhausted introvert.”


1. With a Smile
2. Tell Your Friends
3. Give Me a Break
4. Salt On Skin
5. I Promise To Ruin Your Life
6. Stay With Me
7. Die For You
8. Cut Me Out
9. What The Hell
10. Joyride (Glad You Found Me)
11. The End
12. Daylight

ZAND – Sewerstar EP

ZAND’s new EP Sewerstar EP will be released in September 7.


Battery Acid
I Spit On Your Grave

The Pleasure Dome – Equinox

The Pleasure Dome will release debut album Equinox on September 22 through Hound Gawd! Records.

Frontman Bobby Spender said: “The Equinox happens twice a year when the day and night are exactly the same length. It’s the day when winter becomes spring and summer becomes autumn. Pagans celebrate this day and call it Mabon. The song ‘At Dawn’ is where the writing for this album really began—I watched the sunset of the equinox up Glastonbury Tor with an ex and unbeknownst to us when we said goodbye at dawn it would be the last we would see each other as we soon broke up. The life that followed makes up the majority and overall feel of the album. Five songs have been carried through from before that point, but that moment felt like a turning point for me. The idea of duality is found in the title; the dark going turning into the light, all or nothing, rough and smooth, love and heartbreak, the calm and the thunder.”


01. Pass The Parcel
02. Down The Alley
03. Love Is Dead
04. Vampire Of The Night
05. Psychodrama
06. What A Shame (Cocaine)
07. At Dawn
08. Boiler Room
09. On The Beaches
10. Insane
11. Have You Ever Been In Love
12. Good Luck
13. No Guts No Fame

The Menzingers – Some of it was True

The Menzingers will release new album Some of it was True on October 13!

Vocalist and guitarist Greg Barnett reveals, “Written over the last two and a half years in hotels, backstages, basements, and rehearsal rooms and recorded during a life-changing retreat down south, ‘Some Of It Was True’ is the most realized version of what we set out to do when we started this band 17 years ago—have fun and be ourselves.”

END – The Sin of Human Frailty

END will release album The Sin of Human Frailty on October 27 through Closed Casket Activities.

“Part of the goal was to do things our way,” states Will Putney. “We didn’t want to lean on our influences too heavily, whether it’s in terms of production, guitar tone, arrangement, or other elements. We were like, ‘Let’s just make a record that sounds like END.’ I feel like there’s more of an identity to the band than there has ever been on this record.”


01 A Predator Yourself
02 Gaping Wounds of Earth
03 The Sin of Human Frailty
04 Thaw
05 Embodiment of Grief
06 Twice Devoured Kill
07 Worthless Is The Lamb
08 Hollow Urn
09 Infest
10 Leper

Blue Stragglers – Fools Errand EP

Credit: Derek Bremner


Blue Stragglers will release new EP Fools Errand EP on November 10 through Hassle Records.

Within Temptation – Bleed Out

Credit: Trim Tronkcoe

Within Temptation will release new album Bleed Out on October 20 through Force Music Recordings.

The band tackle themes of global injustices throughout the record.

Vocalist Sharon den Adel states, “The war in Ukraine has influenced us a lot. As artists we are inspired by the world, and we have this platform. We are storytellers, and I think as human beings, these are things we should be talking about.”

I lived in Yemen when I was a kid. My parents lived in several countries in the Middle East, and I’ve visited them a lot when they were there. It’s a different world. Due to my time there, I feel connected to that part of the world. I’ve been so incredibly impressed by the bravery of the young women there who’ve been burning their scarves knowing they were going to be thrown in prison or worse – it’s heartbreaking.”


1: We Go To War
2: Bleed Out
3: Wireless
4: Worth Dying For
5: Ritual
6: Cyanide Love
7: The Purge
8: Don’t Pray For Me
9: Shed My Skin (feat. Annisokay)
10: Unbroken
11: Entertain You

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