New records to look out for: Teasers for February 16

Welcome to our weekly round up of some of the latest albums and EPs to be announced across the alternative music world. We hope you enjoy the teasers!

Death Lens – Cold World

Death Lens will release album Cold World on May 3 through Epitaph!

On the album, the band said: “This was our first time using a producer and we were scared that our sound was not going to be us, but Brett was such an amazing addition to the writing process,” the band explains. “The goal was to find a common ground and build from that and we did almost instantly on day one, it was beautiful.”

Speaking on the lyrics, vocalist Bryan Torres said: “We’re all unified in the way we think, we all believe in a fair system for all to live without struggle and with a reasonable cost of living,” Torres says. “We side strongly with socialist ideals proudly. We’re also very pro Latino and pushing heavier to see more Hispanic bands up on stage, pro LGBTQ, pro-immigration and everything in between.”

One world, one community.”


Fucked Up
Disturb The Peace
Nothing’s Forever
Memory Hotline
Not Enough
Cold World
Lo Que Será

Irked – Irked

Credit: David Hall

Irked will release their self-titled EP on May 17 through Scene Report Records.

ERRA – Cure

ERRA will release new record Cure on April 5 through UNFD.

1) Cure
2) Rumor of Light
3) Idle Wild
4) Blue Reverie
5) Slow Sour Bleed
6) Wish
7) Glimpse
8) Past Life Persona
9) Crawl Backwards Out of Heaven
10) End to Excess
11) Pale Iris
12) Wave

The Ghost Inside – Searching for Solace

Credit: Markus Hauschild

The Ghost Inside will release new album Searching for Solace on April 19 through Epitaph Records!


  1. Going Under
  2. Death Grip
  3. Light Years
  4. Secret
  5. Split
  6. Wash It Away
  7. Cityscapes
  8. Earn It
  9. Wrath
  10. Reckoning
  11. Breathless

Accept – Humanoid

Credit: Christoph Vohler

Accept will release new album Humanoid on April 26 through Napalm Records!

Wolf Hoffmann on Humanoid: “I am extremely pleased with Humanoid. The album has great energy throughout! Working with the best metal producer, Andy Sneap, was once again a lot of fun! We are a great team. We all love the new album and look forward to playing it live! Hope our fans will like it as much as we do.”


Poolside At The Flamingo – Accabadora

Poolside At The Flamingo will release their new Accabadora EP on May 22 through Blood Blast Distribution.

“The Accabadora EP is the first release that we’re truly proud of and feel embodies the sound that we’re looking to achieve. The songs on this EP were written with more care and attention than any other album/ep we’ve released. To us, it’s the perfect blend of erratic grindcore and soul-crushing breakdowns.”


1.    Accabadora

2.    The Deceiver

3.    Seething

4.    Hell On Earth

Belmont – Liminal

Belmont will release new album Liminal on April 12 through Pure Noise Records.

Vocalist Taz Johnston said: “‘Liminal’ as the title for our third record is meant to be an escape to a different world.
It’s a nostalgic longing for a place that doesn’t really exist, but you wish you were there.


1. SSX Trickmont
2. Two’s A Party
3. Liminal
4. Day By Day
5. Moxie
6. Dark Paradise
7. All Bite
9. Counterfeit
10. N2
11. Play Pretend
12. I Don’t Really Care

Cold Years – A Different Life

Cold Years will release new album A Different Life on April 26.

“This is the first time I’ve ever come out of a studio able to listen to the tracks, where, and I say this 100% with conviction, we went in and did everything we wanted to do and more,” says Ross Gordon. “I’ve never done that. I’ve always come out feeling like we could have done something better or different. But this album changed the game for all of us as a band. We didn’t just do twelve tracks that sound the same. We tried to make things a little different. That happened naturally, and it’s the most musical experience I’ve ever had. I definitely feel a confidence with this record that I didn’t feel on the others.”

“All of us were fucked when we went into the studio. We’d come out of a year of touring, a year of writing, a year of working really hard to make it work, financially. We were all broken, but going in there and being in that environment and having good people around us gave us the energy to push through. I look at all my friends who are getting married, settling down and having kids. I’m not ready for the picket fence just yet.This record’s about challenging normality and making your own future, because you want a different life to everyone else. You miss a lot doing this —weddings, birthdays, anniversaries — so it’s this immense personal sacrifice, but it’s absolutely worthwhile.”


1. Over It

2. Roll With It

3. Radio

4. Low

5. Youth

6. Goodbye My Friend

7. Choke

8. Fuck The Weather

9. Other Side

10. Let Go

11. Sick

12. Die Tonight

Mimi Barks – This is Doom Trap

Credit: Jack Defrouand

Mimi Barks will release debut album This is Doom Trap on September 26 through Silent Cult.

“The Awakening or the pain-body? ‘THIS IS DOOM TRAP’. Welcome to a sonic journey through my pain-body and a guide on how to deal with it,” explains Mimi Barks as she refers to her upcoming album. “The only way out is through. But everything is Rhythm and you’ll find yourself where you began eventually, on a slightly higher plane with new but similar challenges.”


Cory Wells – Harboring the Hurt I’ve Caused

Credit: Alex Bemis

Cory Wells will release new album Harboring the Hurt I’ve Caused on March 15 through Pure Noise Records.

Speaking about the album Cory said “I didn’t know if this album was going to come out of me.  I have always written from trauma. It can be exhausting, debilitating, and sometimes unhealthy.  This record is no different. It can be difficult to admit that the problems in your life may be no one’s fault but your own. The first album was just one side of the story. “Harbouring the Hurt I’ve Caused” is all about the damage that I have done and how it feels to live with my mistakes every day. I realize I’ve been blind, and once I can finally see, the fear that the end is certain, begins to settle in. I believe we all experience this as much as I wish that weren’t true.  Take care of the people you love.  I hope this record means as much to you as the journey did for me.” 


Harboring the Hurt I’ve Caused
Natural Disaster
Do You Like That You Love Me
Breathe Again
Long Long Time

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