New records to look out for: Teasers for August 18

Welcome to our weekly round up of recently announced albums and EPs. We hope you enjoy the teasers!

Monasteries – Ominous

Monasteries will release new album Ominous on August 25 through Seek & Strike.


1. Ominous (ENTER)
2. Final Note To You
3. Spiralled Icon Ft. Jason Evans – Ingested
4. Orphan Halls
5. Six Behind Bars
6. Fatal Design Ft. Sven – Aborted
7. H.E.A.V.Y Ft Monte Barnard – Emberthrone
8. Reflective State
9. Heaven Failed Us
10. Alone & Against
11. Ominous (EXIT)
12. (Bonus track) Fatal Design Ft Donovan Lee – Ritual Of Despair

The Glorious Sons – Glory

Credit: Matt Barnes

The Glorious Sons will release new album Glory on September 6.

Vocalist/songwriter Brett Emmons said: “How do I feel about Glory? I’m glad it’s done. And I’m glad I still like the songs. It was one of those classic times in a band’s career where you have that awkward choice to either let go, or hold on as tightly as you can. We chose the latter. Every detail on this album was important to me— and though I can’t control how people will receive it, I did my best to control how kindly I look back on the music and the process. That was the most important thing this time around. When things don’t come easily, how do you respond? We were gritty as fuck, and we represented ourselves to the truest form possible. I guess that’s all just a long form way of describing growth. So there you go. It sounds like growth to me.”

Taking Meds – Dial M for Meds

Taking Meds will release new album Dial M for Meds on September 1 through Smartpunk Records.


1. Memory Lane

2. Outside

3. Aftertaste

4. Life Support

5. Long Tooth

6. Something Higher

7. Wading Out

8. The Other End

9. Kindness

10. See The Clowns

In This Moment – Godmode

In This Moment will release new album Godmode on October 23 through BMG.



The Purge

Army Of Me



Sanctify Me

Everything Starts And Ends With You

Damaged (feat. Spencer Charnas)

Fate Bringer

I Would Die

Citizen – Calling the Dogs

Credit: Tracy Nguyen

Citizen will release new album Calling the Dogs on October 6 through Run For Cover Records.

Code Orange – The Above

Tim Saccenti

Code Orange will release new album The Above on September 29 through Blue Grape Music.

Jami Morgan said: “We wanted the album to be able to wash over you with melody, aggression, and joy, but it was of equal importance that the closer you look, the more you are rewarded. It was to feel rooted in the “analogue” world, but with threads of digital reality binding things together. We wanted the sound and even the recording process itself to reflect that edict, so we enlisted Steve Albini at Electrical Audio to get the most real and raw version of the band possible, even recording us all at once in a room together for the first time in our career.”


Never Far Apart

Theatre Of Cruelty

Take Shape (feat. Billy Corgan)

The Mask Of Sanity Slips


A Drone Opting Out Of The Hive

I Fly

Splinter The Soul

The Game

Grooming My Replacement


Circle Through

But A Dream…

The Above

Lucky Hit – Echoes & Ashes

Lucky Hit will release new EP Echoes & Ashes on September 8.

North Atlas – The Longest Shadow Attached to the Ankle

North Atlas will release new EP The Longest Shadow Attached to the Ankle on September 22!

Erase Theory – The Good Kind

Erase Theory will release new record The Good Kind on November 23 through Icons Creating Evil Art.

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