New records to look out for: April 7 teasers

Welcome to our weekly round up of some of the albums and EPs that we’re most excited for! Enjoy the teasers!

Lemonade Shoelace – Do Whatever Makes You Happy

Credit: Peter McCormick

Lemonade Shoelace will release debut EP Do Whatever Makes You Happy on April 28.

I knew I wanted to make something bold and colourful with this project. Not just visually, but music you have to listen twice to. I love music where every time you listen to it, you hear something else in the song. Interesting music.”

Internet Friends – Dressed to Kill

Credit: Daniel J Edin

Internet Friends will release debut album Dressed to Kill on May 5.

“It’s time to fall in love with an album again. It’s time to start fan accounts on all social media. The kind of debut that comes every ten years. Internet Friends release a collection of songs that will fundamentally shake up the indie music scene. Dressed To Kill is the granddaddy of debut albums and it’s now your turn to take over and care for this record.”

Shit Present – What Still Gets Me

Shit Present will release album What Still Gets Me on May 5 through Specialist Subject.

Weathers – Are We Having Fun?

Weathers will release album Are We Having Fun? on May 5 through Sumerian Records.

With our new album, we wanted to not try so hard. Instead we wanted to dig deep from our past and pull from music we listened to growing up. In the end, we got a body of work that’s a little heavier, more raw, and way more emotional and honest than anything we’ve done in the past.”


1. One Of a Kind
3. She Hates Me
4. Interlude
5. I’m Just Sayin’
6. Where Do I Sign?
7. Nothing To Say
8. Carsick
9. Drama Queen
10. Take Me Home
11. Goodbye To My Friends
12. Little Castaway

Isadora Eden – Forget What Makes It Glow

Isadora Eden will release album Forget What Makes It Glow in July 14.

Galactic Empire – Special Edition

Galactic Empire will release new album Special Edition on May 5 through Pure Noise Records.

Greetings, citizens of Earth. We are Galactic Empire and we have once again returned to unleash the ultimate sonic weapon: our third album, Special Edition,” shares Lord Sikh. “Today, we unveil the new single and music video for ’The Mandalorian’ directed by the mysterious Sith Lord, Eric DiCarlo. Show your true loyalty to the Empire by pre-ordering our new album so that we may rebuild the Death Star and continue our galactic conquest to bring music live to your planet and hometown.


20th Century Fox Fanfare
Star Wars And Revenge Of The Sith
The Imperial Suite
Dark Side Assault
The Mandalorian
Obi Wan Kenobi
The Bad Batch
The Book Of Boba Fett
Attack Position
The Battle Of Hoth
Victory Celebration

The Ramona Flowers – Hey You

The Ramona Flowers will release new record Hey You on May 5.
The band said: “we were lucky enough to record the EP overlooking the sea in Devon, so the wild seas definitely influenced our vibes!  Hey You is about friends, lovers, parties, the fall outs and ultimately the wars that follow! It sums up the lives of The Ramona Flowers’ existence.”

Devildriver – Dealing with Demons Vol II

Credit: Jeremy Saffer

Devildriver will release new album Dealing with Demons Vol II on May 12 through Napalm Records.
Dez Fafara said: “Dealing With Demons Vol. II is – simply put – a conversation in its entirety about Dealing With “Inner” Demons. It’s a conversation in song form between ‘self and a power apart from one’s self, and trying to bury old entities.'”


1. I Have No Pity

2. Mantra

3. Nothing Lasts Forever

4. Summoning

5. Through the Depths

6. Bloodbath

7. It’s A Hard Truth

8. If Blood Is Life

9. This Relationship, Broken

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