New Records Roundup: Teasers for June 28

Welcome to our weekly new records round up!

In this week’s new records round up, we bring you teasers for some of the recently announced albums and EPs that we’re most excited for!

Myles Kennedy – The Art of Letting Go

Myles Kennedy will release new album The Art of Letting Go on October 11 through Napalm Records.


The Art Of Letting Go
Say What You Will
Mr. Downside
Miss You When You’re Gone
Behind The Veil
Saving Face
Eternal Lullaby
Nothing More To Gain
Dead To Rights
How The Story Ends

The Bar Stool Preachers – Below the Static

The Bar Stool Preachers will release new EP Below the Static on September 13 through Pure Noise Records.

The band said: “For this release, we really wanted to highlight how good the songwriting was. We were stoked with how well the album went down but we really wanted to expose some of the more vulnerable elements and fuck with the format a bit. To hear such strong fxmale vocals, and having heavy guitar riffs on cellos/violins etc. really got us excited about these songs again. Some of the versions are stripped right back to just a voice and one instrument.

“It’s the band like you’ve never heard it before, and really breathes a different life into the songs.” 


Doorstep (Reimagined)
Call Me on the Way Home (Reimagined)
Flatlined (Reimagined)
All Turned Blue (Reimagined)
Laptop (Reimagined)
Don’t Die Today (Reimagined)

Johnny Foreigner – How to be Hopeful

Johnny Foreigner will release new record How to be Hopeful on September 13.

The band said: Feels like a huge privilege to release a loud righteous rock record about finding love and joy in the universe at a point where such things are in such universal short supply. This release is 28 months past deadline; our timing has always sucked. But honestly we’ve had little choice; How to be Hopeful is a pure product of chaos magic. It compelled us to be made, to harness returning ripples of stones long since thrown. It felt way too significant, too personal, too full of moments worth savouring and patterns playing out, to rush. Also, we are old and have real jobs now.

It’s actually 2 matched parallel soundtracks, 1 per side, for a 12 month period where the worst, then the weirdest, then the best possible things happened. Same series of events, different ripples, chaos and consequence and everything connected This is our celebration record, our fell-in-love-and-stopped-worrying album, the glowing cathartic coda that we couldn’t help but channel. The least Johnny Foreigner of albums; nearly 3 years of obsessive planning and constructing, executive produced by 2007 anti-nostalgia us, and 2016 us who stopped being a band when we ran out of things worth singing about.

Thru one of many strings of strange coincidence (magic) we were able to utilise our absolute -DREAM TEAM- of present day humans; Dominique James recorded at JT Soars, Bob Cooper produced and Machine mastered. Of course, this is an Alcopop! record, cosigned by our Japanese label Shore&Woods. じゃあ、またね !

Release details to follow in time, but for now please meet “the sky and sea were part of me or I was part of them”; an introductory compilation comprising of 2 songs from the album proper, 3 exclusives produced by Evan Bernard, and assorted ancillary materiel / haunted piano. 

Those two album songs are “What The Alexei” which is both our first actual love song and a potentially libelous homage to the best sad single indieboy song that raised us, and “Orc Damage”, a grim recounting of corporate greed, collateral damage and the collapsing end of an era.

Bedazzled, not blunted. 

Alexei/ Junior / Kelly / Lewes 2024“

October Drift – Blame the Young

October Drift will release new album Blame the Young on September 27 through Physical Education Recordings.

Vocalist/guitarist Kiran Roy said: “I Don’t Belong Anywhere was a difficult record to make.

“We wrote and recorded it ourselves during the lockdown in our studio and it has that claustrophobic and isolated feel to it. We also felt some pressure to get the thing written and to live up to the first. This third album I think has felt easier and more fun to make. We took ourselves to an Airbnb barn conversion on the Somerset levels, it was great to be in a different environment and I think you can hear that it was a lighter experience making this record.

“In some ways a lot has changed amongst us since the last album. I think we’ve all grown as people. We’ve all made changes in our lives. There’s a sense of a journey, even pilgrimage, in this new album. I say pilgrimage because there is an almost spiritual element – it’s sometimes hard to explain why we write songs and what it means for people to hear them and to play them live and have people sing them back. We’re not quite sure what the end goal is, it’s as much about the process and the journey and finding out about ourselves and expressing ourselves as it is making connections, communities and giving voice and solidarity and escape to others. It’s an escape for us too, and a route out of the regular.”


Blame The Young


Nothing Makes Me Feel (The Way You Do)


Don’t Care

Everybody Breaks


Tyrannosaurus Wreck



Not Running Anymore

Void Of Vision – What I’ll Leave Behind

Credit: Cian Mangaros

Void Of Vision will release new album What I’ll Leave Behind on September 20 through UNFD.


Blood For Blood
Gamma Knife
Beautiful Things
Midnight Sweat
Angel of Darkness

Mushroomhead – Call the Devil

Credit: SK1

Mushroomhead will release new album Call the Devil on August 9 through Napalm Records.

Steve “Skinny” Felton commented on the album title: “We played around with a few different album titles, and apparently ‘Shout at the Devil’ was already taken… so we figured we’d just try calling.”


Eye To Eye
Fall In Line
We Don’t Care
UIOP (A Final Reprieve)
Grand Gesture
Torn In Two
Shame In A Basket
Doom Goose

Winterfylleth – The Imperious Horizon

Credit: Lee Barrett

Winterfylleth will release new album The Imperious Horizon on September 13 through Candlelight/Spinefarm.

Guitarist/vocalist C. Naughton said: “In some ways, the album is a reflection on the mania of the years since the last album, how the world has changed for the worse, and moreover how we all feel like we are living in a more divided and upheaved world ever since!

“The title speaks to a looming sense of some dominant power or agenda that is coming, just over the horizon. It’s on its way, and we don’t know quite how it will manifest, but we know that it is creeping ever forward, and it is inevitable.”


First Light
Like Brimming Fire
Dishonour Enthroned 
Upon This Shore
The Imperious Horizon
In Silent Grace (feat. AA Nemtheanga)
To The Edge of Tyranny
Earthen Sorrows
The Insurrection


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