New records round up: Teasers for 21

Welcome to our New Records Roundup where we bring you some of the recently announced albums and EPs that we’re most excited for!

In this week’s new records round up, we bring you 10 recently announced albums and EPs that we’re looking forward to hearing!

AWOLNATION – The Phantom Five

AWOLNATION will release album The Phantom Five on August 30.


Jump Sit Stand March (Feat. Emily Armstrong)

Party People

Panoramic View

I Am Happy (Feat. Del the Funky Homosapian)


Bang Your Head

City of Nowhere

A Letter To No One

When I Was Young

Outta Here

thrown – Excessive Guilt

Credit: Aslak Junttu

thrown will release debut album Excessive Guilt on August 30 through Arising Empire!


on the verge
bitter friend
look at me
so done

DeadWax – DeadWax

Credit: Ben Gibson

DeadWax will release their self-titled debut EP on July 5.

The band said: “We are proud to present out debut EP that has been recorded, mixed and produced by us and brings together our tastes in grime, hip hop, metal and the UK’s underground rave scene.

“It’s got energy, hype and bravado, while still giving some more serious messages and honest opinions. So gassed to have this body of work out in the world.

“Thank you to those who are bouncing!”

Illuminati Hotties – Power

Credit: Shervin Lainez

Illuminati Hotties will release new album Power on August 23 through Hopeless Records.


Can’t Be Still

I Would like, Still Love You

Throw (Life Raft)


Falling In Love With Somebody Better

The L

Sleeping In

Didn’t (feat. Cavetown)

You Are Not Who You Were

What’s The Fuzz



Everything Changes

Heriot – Devoured by the Mouth of Hell

Credit: Harry Steel

Heriot will release debut album Devoured by the Mouth of Hell on September 27 through Century Media Records.


Foul Void
Harm Sequence
Siege Lord
Sentenced to the Blade
Solvent Gaze
At the Fortress Gate

Downcast – wtf happened

Downcast will release new EP wtf happened on September 6.

Vocalist Liam Edwards said: “Our new EP is a collection of songs that reflect on the events of the past couple of years. It explores feelings of nostalgia, anger, romance and grief.

“The title is inspired by those moments where you look back at how simple and carefree your life used to be and wonder what happened.”


your absence
your band sucks anyway

Alleviate – DMNS

Credit: Node52

Alleviate will release new album DMNS on August 23 through Arising Empire.


Trying To Survive
Gravity ft. Nik Nocturnal
Die For Me
Within Worlds
My Demise

Destroy Boys – Funeral Arrangement #4

Credit: Matty Vogel

Destroy Boys will release new album Funeral Arrangement #4 on August 9 through Hopeless Records.

“Looking back, our first three albums marked the deaths of things,” says guitarist Violet Mayugba.

“They were soundtracks to our funerals, whether they were for our ages or our mental states. We’ve gone through a lot of changes as a band and as people.”

Destroy Boys formed in 2015, when the founding members were still teenagers, and each release has marked a period of growth and change.

“The first one was our high school album,” Violet explains.

“On the second record, we went to college and were saying goodbye to our childhood. On the third one, we’d just gone through COVID and, speaking for myself, I lost my entire sense of self and gained a new one.”


Bad Guy


Beg For The Torture


Amor divino

Shadow (I’m Breaking Down)

Shedding Skin

Should’ve Been Me

You Don’t Know

You Hear Yes (feat. Mannequin Pussy and Scowl)


The Offspring – Supercharged

Credit: Daveed Benito

The Offspring will release new album Supercharged on October 11 through Concord Records.

Frontman Dexter Holland said: “We wanted this record to have pure energy – from the start to the finish! That’s why we called it SUPERCHARGED. From the height of our aspirations to the depths of our struggles, we talk about it all on this record…in a way that celebrates the life that we share and where we are now.

“Our single “Make It All Right” is a great example of this because it talks about the people in our lives who make us feel strong when we are feeling low – our partners in crime who make us feel all right.

“The album was recorded in three different locations this time around: Maui, Vancouver, and our home studio in Huntington Beach, and together with our producer Bob Rock everything came out awesome. I feel like this is the best we have ever sounded! We’ve been rocking out and head-banging to it for months! And we can’t wait for you guys to hear it!”

Oceano – Living Chaos

Credit: Evan Gillen

Oceano will release album Living Chaos on August 30 through Sumerian Records.

Vocalist Adam Warren said: “The next chapter of Oceano is here. Loud and clear. Enjoy the music and lyrics.”


Wasted Life
Mass Produced
Darkness Rising
Into The Flames
Wounds Never Healed
The Price Of Pain
Living Chaos
Broken Curse


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