New records – March 20

Here is our weekly roundup of some of the records that have been announced in the past week that we think you’ll like.

Bo Ningen – Sudden Fictions

The fourth album from London-based Japanese rockers Bo Ningen is called Sudden Fictions and will be released in the Spring on Alcopop! Records!

Guitarist Kohhei Matsuda said:  After years of countless bifurcation into sub-genres, music has been cut down to flakes. Music is suffocated. This album is a challenge to bridge between now and the time before the first bifurcation. To alternate the future.”

Caligula’s Horse – Rise Radiant

The new album from Caligula’s Horse is called Rise Radiant and will be release on May 22 through InsideOut.

Sam Vallen said: “‘Rise Radiant’ is the album we’ve been working towards for almost a decade. It represents everything we love about Caligula’s Horse – the colour, the ferocity, the introspection, the extremes – all tied up together in a way we could never have managed until now. As a band, we’ve never felt tighter, more inspired, or more driven than in the creation of this record. We’re tremendously proud of ‘Rise Radiant’, and we can’t wait for you to hear it!”

  1. The Tempest
  2. Slow Violence
  3. Salt
  4. Resonate
  5. Oceanrise
  6. Valkyrie
  7. Autumn
  8. The Ascent

The Crooked 45 – Heathens

The debut EP from The Crooked 45 is called Heathens and will be released on April 10.

The trio are made up of former members of Attention Thieves and base their sound on a direction similar to Arctic Monkeys and Royal Blood.

Palaye Royale – The Bastards

The third album from popular rockers Palaye Royale is called The Bastards and will be released through Sumerian Records on May 29.

The record is set around a place that reflects the brothers’ lives and in a Utopian world. Emerson Barrett said: “It takes place around the island of Obsidian and it’s set in 1888. In short, it’s a world that started off with intentions where the island encouraged free thinkers and artists to exist and, as everything does in life, eventually it becomes this political power and evil toxicity that comes with everything. To remain a true individual in the society, you must wear a gas mask.”

01 Little Bastards
02 Massacre, The New American Dream
03 Anxiety
04 Tonight Is The Night I Die
05 Lonely
06 Hang On To Yourself
07 Fucking With My Head
08 Nervous Breakdown
09 Nightmares
10 Masochist
11 Doom (Empty)
12 Black Sheep
13 Stay
14 Redeemer
15 Lord Of Lies (Bonus track)


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March 20, 2020

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