New record round up

Another Friday, another round up of the new records we feel are going to be great!

August Spies – Corruption Of The Human Heart

Hell Is For Heroes frontman Justin Schlosberg has created a new solo project under the moniker August Spies! He will be releasing his debut EP Corruption Of The Human Heart on May 6.

New Years Day – Unbreakable

US hard rockers New Years Day‘s fourth album Unbreakable will be available to fans through RED Music on April 26!

“Unbreakable” Track Listing:

  1. Come For Me
  2. MissUnderstood
  3. Skeletons
  4. Unbreakable
  5. Shut Up
  6. Done With You
  7. Poltergeist
  8. Break My Body
  9. Sorry Not Sorry
  10. My Monsters
  11. Nocturnal
  12. I Survived

Artwork credit: Marc Liscio

Defeater – Defeater

It can be hard to figure out a title for your records, particularly when you’re on your fifth and Defeater have gone down the self-titled route for their latest, set to be unleashed to the world on May 10 through Epitaph. Fans will be delighted with this news as it is the first from the band in four years!

Defeater Tracklisting

1. The Worst Of Fates

2. List & Heel

3. Atheists In Foxholes

4. Mothers’ Sons

5. Desperate

6. All Roads

7. Stale Smoke

8. Dealer / Debtor

9. No Guilt

10. Hourglass

11. No Man Born Evil

Savage Messiah – Demons

Savage Messiah‘s new album Demons will be released through Century Media Records on May 10! Their fifth record will see the band taken on a new, infectious sound, creating earworms as demonstrated in latest single Under No Illusions.

Vocalist/guitarist Dave Silver says: “I looked at what we’ve done in the past and knew we could be taking this band way further.”
“The word ‘Demons’ encapsulate the story of the band. It’s about rising to the inevitable challenges that everyone faces in pursuit of any higher end goal. The album deals with attempting to conquer both the internal and external demons that perpetually arise and permanently threaten to derail and discourage.”

Weatherstate – Born A Cynic

Bristol punks Weatherstate have revealed their debut album Born A Cynic will be released on May 10 through Failure By Design Records! Guitarist Callan Milward says: “We smashed out the initial recordings in 10 days during which i didn’t leave the studio for the entire time. It was freezing there and we were pretty pushed to get the whole record done. I remember suffering from some kind of sleep paralysis where I was tracking more rhythm guitars for the songs on the record in my sleep. This happened on a few of the nights.”

Hot Milk – Are You Feeling Alive?

Hot Milk have appeared out of nowhere as the UK’s next rising stars! The band are releasing their debut EP Are You Feeling Alive? on May 3!

‘Are You Feeling Alive?’ Tracklisting
Wide Awake
Take Your Jacket
Are You Feeling Alive?
Awful Ever After



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