New record round-up – September 3

Here is a round-up of some of the albums and EPs we’re most excited about. Have a peek, you may find your new favourite….

Can’t Swim – Change of Plans

Can’t Swim will release their new album Change of Plans on October 22 through Pure Noise Records.

Can’t Swim feel that Change of Plans is “the most Can’t Swim record yet.” Vocalist Chris LoPorto said

“All of our endeavours as a band have led us to make what I think is the most honest and transparent album in our discography. We spent way less time recording what we thought we should be writing and put down whatever came naturally. The recording process was certainly the easiest to date as well — we knew what we wanted going into it. I’m constantly writing songs and some of the tracks on Change of Plans have been in the demo stage for almost four years now so it feels great to finally have them all together on one release.”


Standing in the Dark

To Heal at All, You Have to Feel It All

Set the Room Ablaze (Feat. Caleb Shomo)

Sense of Humor

10 Years Too Late

Deliver Us More Evil

Opposite of God

Better Luck Next Time


Altamonte Explode

Everyone That I Know, I Hate

Pluto Jonze – AWE

Pluto Jonze will release new album AWE on November 5 through Bird’s Robe Records.

The Australian said: “A lot of things to do with this album have been a leap of faith. Exploring all this new territory has taken time to get right but I really feel like finally these tracks are ready for people to climb up on. I’ve realised Pluto Jonze is something that will always be a part of me and I want to keep releasing music forever under this name.”

Wage War – Manic

Wage War will release new album Manic on October 1 through Fearless Records.

The band said: ‘After a long wait, and endless hours of work, we could not be more ecstatic to announce our new album Manic. We’ve spent the entire last year working so hard to bring you the best Wage War yet, and we’ve never been more sure that we’ve accomplished that.’

“Manic encompasses everything we’ve gone through as musicians in the last year-and-a-half,” says drummer Stephen Kluesener. “The whole industry halted, and we technically lost our jobs. Our scene was among the first to leave and the last to come back. The album captures the whole period.”

Cody Quistad (rhythm guitar and clean vocals) adds: “Mania is a wild emotion. The last year was all severe highs and lows. We had some victories, but we’ve also had so many low points. We’ve built this thing for the last 10 years and put all of our chips into it. We’ve missed birthdays and funerals, but we’ve done some extraordinary things. Last year, we found ourselves wondering if it would ever come back. That’s really what the album is about.”

High Horse
Circle the Drain
Death Roll
Slow Burn
Never Said Goodbye
True Colors
If Tomorrow Never Comes

Feeder – Torpedo

Credit: Steve Gullick

Feeder will release new album Torpedo on March 18 through Big Teeth Music.


1. The Healing
2. Torpedo
3. When It All Breaks Down
4. Magpie
5. Hide And Seek
6. Decompress
7. Wall Of Silence
8. Slow Strings
9. Born To Love You
10. Submission
11. Desperate Hour (Exclusive CD track)

Real Friends – Torn in Two

Real Friends will release new EP Torn In Two on September 17 through Pure Noise Records.

The Seafloor Cinema – In Cinemascope with Stereophonic Sound

The Seafloor Cinema will release new album In Cinemascope with Stereophonic Sound on November 12 through Pure Noise Records.

The band said: “We wanted to push ourselves in a new direction by collaborating on an album that quintessentially merged the ‘Seafloor’ sound with the accessible pop sensibilities our producer Courtney Ballard is known for. We had a lot of fun, and that’s what we feel the album offers sonically – pure fun.

“Everyone in the band is inspired by starkly contrasting styles of music that range from, Emo, Post-Hardcore, Mathrock, Pop-Punk, EDM, and Hyperpop – and we used that to meld genres into a visceral sound that we can only describe as Turbo Emo. We wanted to put out an over the top album that absolutely nobody would have expected to come from a band with humble Mathrock beginnings such as us, but at the same time be pleasantly surprised with how fresh the entire experience is from start to finish.” 

Swallow The Sun – Moonflowers

By: Doppelganger-Art

Swallow The Sun will release new album Moonflowers on November 19.

Juha Raivio said: “I know well that I should not say this, but I deeply hate this album. I hate where it takes me, how it makes me feel and what it stands for me personally. I wish it wouldn’t. But for all its honesty I got no option than also love it. That is all that matters to me with the music anyway and it doesn’t matter how it makes me feel, as long as it does. For me this album is like a mirror of a deep self-disappointment. Even I still want to believe that there is and could be more than this in me. But I don’t need or want to talk more about it. After all music means so different things to each one of us by how we have walked our own paths, and that is a beautiful thing about music. There is no right or wrong. 

After I had finished writing all the music for this record in the fall of 2020 I started to write these small instrumental versions of the album songs for the violin, viola, cello and piano. Mostly because I was wondering how it would feel like to hear all these songs first as these intimate versions instead of a full band album. It was really beautiful to see and hear these songs come alive in this way and form, recorded live in this big church in Finland. To be able to hear the echoes of this music reflecting from the church walls and feel the very soul of these old wooden instruments played by real people in this sacred place. Something about hearing the strings breathe this fragile beauty into these songs that carry so much pain otherwise. Now looking back, maybe I wrote these versions just for myself to be able to hear and feel at least some kind of a beauty and solace in these songs, maybe… 

I wanted to create the cover art of this album myself this time, so it would stand as brutally honest for me as the music is. So I painted the moon on the ‘Moonflowers‘ cover with my own blood and I decorated it with the flowers I picked up and dried on the spring of 2016. Maybe it isn’t the most outstanding looking piece of art ever made in this world, but for me it is everything. I wasn’t going to write any new music before I would have moved towards the right direction in my life, but finally all this music just forced itself out of me during the long nights of this hope crushing and neverending lockdown prison. Something grew out from that void eventually and writing these songs made me think a lot about moonflowers that bloom at the darkest hour of the night, so that name felt right to call the album also. 

All my love to you, take care.”


1. Moonflowers Bloom In Misery
2. Enemy
3. Woven Into Sorrow
4. Keep Your Heart Safe From Me
5. All Hallows’ Grieve (Featuring Cammie Gilbert)
6. The Void
7. The Fight Of Your Life
8. This House Has No Home

Breakaway – Death Valley

Breakaway will release their Death Valley EP on September 24 via AWAL.

Vocalist Sam Biland said: “We really focused on trying to have honest, open conversations between us about how we were feeling to make sure everyone’s mental health survived what the entire planet went through. For the first time, I felt comfortable enough to speak about how suffering with Bipolar made me feel, not just verbally to the rest of the band but through my lyrics.

 “Death Valley” is a concept EP based on how I feel during a bipolar episode whether it lasts a few hours or a few days. From the opening track ‘Death Valley’ when I start to feel myself lose control to the final track ‘Wake Up’ where I need help to get out of that mindset. It’s been hard gearing up to release without knowing when we can play these new songs live, we were really excited to head overseas for the first time but right now we have no idea when that will be. It’s pretty heartbreaking, but when the day comes (And we will be jumping at the first opportunity) it will be worth it.”


  1. Death Valley
  2. Hurt
  3. I’m Feeling Dead
  4. Hello Hell
  5. Wake Up

 Zeal & Ardor – Zeal & Ardor

Credit: Georg Gatsas

Zeal & Ardor will release their self-titled album on February 11 through MVKA.

Gagneux said: “With the self-titled record, we have arrived at where I imagined this project should sound like. It’s the longest we’ve worked on a single record and I believe it shows. The most important thing for an album of ours to do, is transport you instantly into our mood, our world. Even though this might not be the one you might expect from us, this record certainly delivers on that front. We had time to hone in to what we think makes us interesting and what sounds we would like to explore through this we have found our home.

Home is burning.
Welcome home.”


  1. Zeal & Ardor
  2. Run
  3. Death To The Holy
  4. Emersion
  5. Golden Liar
  6. Erase
  7. Bow
  8. Feed The Machine
  9. I Caught You
  10. Church Burns
  11. Götterdämmerung
  12. Hold Your Head Low
  13. J-M-B
  14. A-H-I-L


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September 3, 2021

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