New albums to look out for – March 6

Here’s our weekly round up of new records to watch out for.

Project Revise – Songs From The Shed

Worcester pop-punks Project Revise will release new EP Songs From The Shed on April 17.

Guitarist/vocalist Chris Tamburro said:  “We’ve written a lot of music together so far – but ‘Songs From The Shed’ massively represents everything we’ve been doing, as well as the direction we are heading with our sound.

“This EP also shows us doing our best to never grow up!”

Deepshade – Soul Divider

Alternative psych-rockers Deepshade will release Soul Divider on May 1.


1 Airwaves
2 City Burn
3 Burning Up
4 Arches of Innocence
5 Sadsun
6 Lonely Man
7 Soul Divider
8 Maryland
9 Monster
10 Ganzua

Trashed – Faceplant

Punk rockers Trashed will release their new EP Faceplant on April 28. The band are Bristol’s answer to the likes of early Sum 41, Green Day etc.

Neck Deep – All Distortions Are Intentional

Neck Deep will release album number four All Distortions Are Intentional on July 24 through Hopeless Records.

“It’s that strange existential realisation that you are not the entire world,” explains singer Ben Barlow. “Everyone around you feels and lives the same way that you do. You’re just an extra in their story.

“Modern music is so much based around ‘the single’ and writing a record isn’t held in nearly the same regard as it used to be. All Distortions Are Intentional presents a whole story, where there is meaning from every angle of it,” the singer continues. “All of our records have their themes, but I wanted to create characters, scenes, a world, and have it mean something in the real world, too.” 

Although the songs on All Distortions Are Intentional are told through the lenses of characters, they are also uniquely reflective of the lives that each member of Neck Deep has lived. “Writing ‘Lowlife’, it was like I was tapping into this part of my own personality, my own psyche”

Track Listing
1. Sonderland
2. Fall
3. Lowlife
4. Telling Stories
5. When You Know
6. Quarry
7. Sick Joke
8. What Took You So Long?
9. Empty House
10. Little Dove
11. I Revolve (Around You)
12. Pushing Daisies

KOJ – Home

Proggers KOJ will release their new record Home on April 24 through Long Branch Records.

1: Stars
2: Home
3: Pamela
4: Jenny
5: Human Love
6: Thunder
7: Unscarred
8: Scarlett

Rotting Out – Ronin

The new record from Rotting Out will be called Ronin and released on April 10 through Pure Noise Records.

Walter Delgado said: It’s been 7 years since our last LP. A lot has happened since: hard lessons, periods of isolation, weight of guilt, diagnosis, crippling realisation, absolute hopelessness and also absolute peace and calmness. The purpose for the image of the record is that there was a lot that was left unspoken and I danced around the darker moments and some were just buried completely. I decided to reopen things that haven’t been open in almost 25 years and look it straight in the face. That old dusty mirror that shows me more than I’d like to see or remember. I’ve never been more proud of writing this record and nothing was left behind on my end. Some of these took more out of me than I’d like to admit. Nonetheless, I knew it was time to put it all out there.”

Ronin’ Tracklisting:

01. Vessel
02. Last Man Standing
03. Stones
04. Reaper
05. Prisoner
06. Unforgiven
08. Still Her
08. Thief
09. Visceral
10. Boy

Trivium – What The Dead Men Say

Trivium‘s latest album What The Dead Men Say will be released on April 24 through Roadrunner Records.

“What The Dead Men Say is everything that is Trivium,” explains Heafy. “On this album, one can hear the proper ingredients of past, present, and future Trivium. The Trivium sound is having everything the band does — on one album.”
“With the new album, we took what worked on the The Sin And The Sentence and dialled it up to 11,” says bassist Gregoletto.
Beaulieu echoes that sentiment, saying, “We wanted to build on the foundation that we established with the last album. The record has all the elements that are Trivium — along with all of us wanting to keep pushing ourselves creatively. This led to a highly-inspired and fast-paced writing and recording process that really captures the energy of the band.”
“What The Dead Men Say”
“Amongst The Shadows And The Stones”
“Bleed Into Me”
“The Defiant”
“Sickness Unto You”
“Scattering The Ashes”
“Bending The Arc To Fear”

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March 6, 2020

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