MONDAY MOTIVATION: Songs to kick off your week

Each week, we bring you a load of our favourite new singles! Have a listen and get your Monday started off right!

Tiny Moving Parts – Bloody Nose

Tiny Moving Parts have revealed another track from their forthcoming album breathe (September 13, Hopeless Records).

Vocalist and guitarist Dylan Mattheisen explained of the single Bloody Nose: “Bloody Nose is about the fear of dying.

“Thinking your body is failing and you’re going crazy. Out of all the bloody noses I’ve had, for some reason a majority of them have been in the shower, which is what sparked the idea of this song.”

Mallory Knox – Wherever

Mallory Knox‘s new single Wherever is the class new single from Mallory Knox. Bassist/vocalist Sam Douglas said: “Wherever is collectively one of our favourites from the record. It was one of the last three songs to be recorded for the album. The song itself is about my want & need for something better but not having the drive & energy to do anything about it. It’s my favourite off the album lyrically.”

Issues – Drink About It

Issues’ new single Drink For It is an absolute banger! Frontman Tyler Carter said: “‘Drink About It’ is something I feel everyone can relate to.

“The song, quite frankly, is about cheater being found out by their unfortunate partner. The idea is this: ‘I think you know… you know something… how much do you know…? I’m just gonna let them sweat it out a little bit.’ But that play on words is also saying, ‘You’re all I drink about’ and at this point I wanna sweat you out of my system.”

Press To MECO – A Quick Fix

Press To MECO‘s latest single A Quick Fix is an absolute banger. Drummer Lewis Williams said:  “At the end of last year we were lucky enough to be offered a support slot on the Shinedown UK and Europe tour. This took us to a lot of different places we didn’t think we’d be seeing just yet. Most of the footage used in this video is from our first time in Russia, the climate was freezing but the people and the fans gave us the warmest welcome. We hope to get back out to Europe as soon as we can… in the meantime, here’s a little of what we got up to.”

Hot Milk – Are You Feeling Alive?

Hot Milk‘s new single Are You Feeling Alive? is class! The track is the titular taken from their latest EP.

The band said: “Welcome one and all to the latest visual and audio installment from the Are you Feeling Alive? Era. Henceforth you will witness a journey through self discovery, where you lose yourself and by the close of the curtain, find yourself again. Are you Feeling Alive? asks you directly is this really where you want to be? Is this the life you wanted? Aren’t you sick of getting pissed in a kitchen on a Friday night? Here we free ourselves, be ourselves and ultimately reclaim who we always wanted to be.”

While She Sleeps – I’ve Seen It All

I’ve Seen It All gives fans an insight into life on the road for While She Sleeps.

Angels & Airwaves – Rebel Girl

Angels & Airwaves reveal their new single Rebel Girl!

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September 30, 2019

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