Monday Motivation playlist

Our Monday Motivation playlist is full of new singles from many artists – and will hopefully get you ready to kick the week off with a good start!

Selfish Things – Happy XMAS (War Is Over)

Well the Christmas tunes have started. But because we love Selfish Things so much, we won’t hold it against them that their new single is a cover of a Christmas song (in November!).

Plus they’re doing this for a good cause – raising money for charity!

Alex Biro said: “Vancouver has the worst homelessness problem in the entirety of North America, the majority of which is made up of indigenous youths aged 10-29. Indigenous persons in Canada are 6 times more likely to die by suicide compared to the general population and are 66% more likely to become addicted or dependent on drugs/alcohol.

“Given the original music video and the intention behind the song, we’d like to use the visuals of the video to fundraise for the Native Urban Youth Association –”

Gravves – Jaws

North Walean punks Gravves have given us an animated video for their latest single Jaws.

The band said:

“Jaws is a peak into Adam’s (bass/vocals) head. It has all sorts of themes which the lyrics hint at. ‘I’ll be Brody, you be Jaws’ is about people who think they’re bigger and better than other people – plenty of which we’ve met since being in a band – but who everybody else views in a different way.

We wanted a fast paced, frentic and colourful video for Jaws. Thematically it’s a resentful and turbulent song, and we really wanted that to come across on screen. We thought Callum from CSD Videography would be perfect for this given his talent for piecing together cool animated sequences that definitely catch the eye.”

Left Behind – Eternity of Empty

Left Behind‘s new single Eternity of Empty is a cracker!

Vocalist Zach Hatfield said: “I wrote ‘Eternity of Empty’ about growing up in church, being scared because I don’t understand what’s going on. It’s a scary place as a kid watching weird old men you don’t know telling you you’re going to Hell forever if you don’t follow the teachings they’re giving you. Left me with a lot of thoughts growing up like, ‘Well what if this is all real and I’m just a shitty person and not good enough for Heaven?’ There’s a sign on the side of the road on the way to my dad’s house that just says ‘GOD LOVES YOU, PLEASE DON’T GO TO HELL.’ Which always just made me feel so weird growing up. None of that resonates with me. It’s a bizarre thing looking back on it and while it can be good for some people, I never had a good experience with it.”

Hot Milk – Candy Coated Lie$

Hot Milk‘s newest single Candy Coated Lie$ is a tune and a half!

They said:  “When you’re sick of the bullshit, when you’re sick of them thinking we’re stupid, when you’re sick of the lies, it’s time to call them the fuck out. Candy Coated Lie$ is our protest song for a world that’s changed. Time to question everything again.” 

Phoxjaw – Whale, Whale, Whale

Phoxjaw‘s latest single Whale, Whale, Whale is an interestingly titled one that’s for sure! We love it though!

Vocalist Danny Garland said: “‘Whale’ is the lost soundtrack to the Free Willy sequel that nobody wanted, or asked for. It’s absolutely repulsive.”

Falling in Reverse – Popular Monster

“‘Popular Monster’ is the voice inside my head, hoping you will listen,” says frontman Ronnie Radke“It’s the story of a hero that’s been falsely accused and torn down by society. It shows what happens when you get pushed too far. You become exactly what they say you are, exactly what they want you to be — a monster.” 

Jetty Bones – the part

Jetty Bones have released their new single the part in celebration of signing to Rise Records!

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November 25, 2019

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