Monday Motivation: New singles we think you’d love

Each week we bring you our favourite new releases of the past week to help kick start your Monday off to a good one!

Seratones – Sad Boi

Louisiana soft punks Seratones slam “hyper-masculine machismo bullshit” on their new single Sad Boi!

Frontwoman A.J. Haynes said: “I’m both slightly annoyed and intrigued by this archetypal wandering, ecstatic melancholy. I say ‘boi’ to speak to anyone who identifies as masculine of centre, binaries be damned.  

“The “norm” of toxic masculinity erases other experiences while, feeding its own volatility, creates a space in which no one is safe or stable. Perhaps this is why I find myself drawn to anyone who is the polar opposite of that hyper-masculine machismo bullshit. Hence, my ode to the Sad Boi. I absolutely have a history of dating folks who had despondent tendencies. After all, I too like Bukowski and Baudelaire.”

Avarus – Nova

Blackpool metallers Avarus have released their new single Nova. The track is the titular from their forthcoming EP, set for release later this year.

Vocalist/guitarist Lucas Fletcher said: “Nova is song that I wanted to blend in with the modern metal scene but also have its own style at the same time. I’m really glad how the single turned out and I can’t wait to share the whole EP with the rest of the world.“,

Bassist Mikey Jenkins added: “Nova was a learning curve for the band, we each put in and suggested different parts to the track which really made it come together as a song.

Sum 41 – ’45 (A Matter of Time)

Sum 41 have revealed their rock anthem ’45 (A Matter of Time). The track expresses how frontman Deryck Whibley feels about the world in the wake of the last presidential election.

The track is taken from the band’s latest album Order In Decline.

Isolate – Oceans

Leeds metalcorers Isolate have revealed a brutal new track called Oceans! The band have been described as the UK’s answer to Wage War, high praise considering they only formed in 2018!

Vocalist Jamie Dewhirst explains:
Minds vast as an ocean is exactly the way I feel when I’m feeling low, lost in what feels like the most vast place you could imagine It’s like a roller coaster of a song starting off very emotional lyric wise, almost a warning that though things are good right now there is always that one thing in the background gnawing in the back of your head “.

Drummer Jamie Tucker gives his perspective of the track:
Oceans, to me, is our representation of the voice inside your head. Every instance of low self-worth, all the time spent overthinking and everything else that hides behind simple smiles. With the song I feel like the heavy parts and the “big sounding” melodic parts, represent the ups and downs of mental illness. Sometimes you’re angry and sad, sometimes you’re happy and other times you’re just spaced out. I feel like Oceans is an accurate representation of this, I feel like with Oceans we captured this fluctuation in mood and the struggles that come with it.


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July 15, 2019

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