Monday Motivation: Jan 20

January is the month that seems to go on forever isn’t it? Well no need to worry because here we have some of the best new singles to kick off your week!

Queensrÿche – Inner Unrest

Queensrÿche‘s new single Inner Unrest is pretty great if we do say so ourselves.

Frontman Todd laTorre said: “’Inner Unrest’ is an abstract characterization loosely based on the struggles dealing with PTSD. The internal and external battles one must fight daily.”

Evanescence – The Chain

Credit: P.R Brown

Evanescence have revealed the video for their cover of Fleetwood Mac‘s The Chain which features on Gears 5.

Amy Lee said: “The lyrics make me feel the power of standing together against great forces trying to pull us apart, perhaps even from the inside. I really wanted to drive that home in our version.

And P.J Brown added:  “The goal of the video is to show the bond of this band as they deliver a powerful take on a classic song. The tie in with Gears 5 presented an opportunity to combine the game world together with the band performance in a post-apocalyptic setting. The band emerges from the ashes to come together. We wanted to bring these worlds together and feel both the force of the band and the game.”

Hollywood Undead – Empire

Credit: Darren Craig

The latest track to come from Hollywood Undead‘s forthcoming album New Empire: Vol 1 (Feb 14) is Empire!

Mobs – I’ll Be Back

Have a listen to the awesome new track from MobsI’ll Be Back is pretty great!

Frontman Jordan Clarey said: “This is my favourite for incorporating a movie’s story into a song, while still remaining subtle enough that if you realise its about a movie you’ll get it, but if you don’t know its about a movie it’ll still feel like a love song.

This is based on the character Kyle Reese coming back in time to protect Sarah Connor from the Terminator. It’s about loving someone despite the space, time or distance between them.

Mark Morton – All I Had To Lose

Lamb of God‘s Mark Morton has given us a taste of his forthcoming solo EP (Ether) with new single All I Had To Lose!

The track also features Sons Of Texas vocalist Mark Morales.

Speaking on the track he said: “‘All I Had To Lose’ is one of the most personal songs I’ve ever written. Mark Morales’s incredible vocal performance really brought it to life and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. I’m so grateful to get the opportunity to stretch out stylistically and appreciate everyone who’s given this stuff a listen!”

Peaness – Kaizen

Credit: Derek Bremner

Peaness‘ new single Kaizen is cool!

Guitarist Jess says of their first new material since 2017: “The ideas for Kaizen came from a combination of feeling confused and scared about the future of the planet (because let’s be honest, it’s not great) and our love for Japanese culture.

“It’s a song to remind myself that with every act of kindness and every crime, we affect the future, and that those choices go on to shape others, and our beautiful planet, long after we’re gone. The word ‘Kaizen’ is a Japanese word that literally translates to ‘change for the good’, and that’s what we’re hoping for.”

Counterfeit. – The New Insane

Counterfeit. have revealed their new single The New Insane!

The video shows off their high-energy live show and perfectly matches the raucousness of the song.


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January 20, 2020

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