Introducing Super Sick Records!

The ‘super sick’ subscription service for musicians made by musicians!

Super Sick Records is a website that is run by musicians for musicians.  Here is what they do:

“OK, so here’s the deal: Every month, we’ll send you a new, exclusive EP by one of the best upcoming and independent artists. Ranging from acoustic, through pop-punk to heavier alternative artists… all Super Sick. The kind of music that you WANT to be introduced to. We’re run by musicians and music-lovers, so we keep our label great for everyone:
Great for you: it’s only £2 per month for music delivered to your inbox.
Great for the artist: they don’t pay us anything AT ALL and get half of all royalties, let alone getting exposed to lots of lovely listeners like you.
If £2 is stretching your budget, then OK – sign up for the stripped-down, free version of the newsletter. You’ll only get one track from each monthly release sent to you for free, but you can get a taste of what Super Sick Records are all about.
Remember, there are no hidden catches – you can sign up any time you like without getting tied in to anything except exclusive, affordable new tunes. That are Super Sick”.

This month’s preview track, ‘No Time’, gives a great taste of Ebony Grace’s talent for blending winding, tight vocal melodies with nicely-unusual guitar lines and a nothing-off-the-shelf approach to lyric-writing.

Ebony says:
I’ve taught myself piano and guitar and written too many songs for me to remember. My song sounds and themes can vary quite widely; when I write for piano, they tend to have a darker, jazzier sound with lyrics about Dan Brown’s books, alternate realities and conspiracies. When I write for guitar, my songs are usually lighter and happier sounding with lyrics about running away with a lover and living freely; I guess this comes down to how the sounds of the instruments make me feel. I have a thing for metaphors; songs are emotional, but if I can hide my thoughts and feelings within a metaphor then people who really understand what I’m feeling will really be able to understand what I’m saying.

We say:
Ebony’s another artist that speaks to what we try and accomplish with Super Sick – a talented, hard-working musician who’s doing something a bit different with her music and doing it well. Ebony’s got a great ear for what works musically and an almost whimsical style to her lyrics, which come together into some really deep, involved songwriting. It’s great to be working with her on her first release and to produce a literal record of an awesome musician’s work.

Listen to ‘No Time’ Here:


Check Out Super Sick Records Here:

Brad Biddlecombe

March 31, 2015

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