Albums to look out for – December 17

The end of the year always sees loads of new album announcements. Here we round up some of the ones we’re most excited for from across the alternative music world!

Crown The King – Groundhog Day

The debut EP from Crown The King is called Groundhog Day and will be released on February 2.

Bassist Eanna Brown said: “It’s been great to see all the buzz and support around the band since we started and I’m really grateful to all our friends, family and fans for that. I don’t need to remind everyone of how weird the past two years have been for everyone, between the pandemic and other events happening. Working on ‘Groundhog Day’ really helped me through those tough times and gave me something to focus on. It’s a really special record to me and I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we did making it.”

A Will Away – Stew

A Will Away will release their new album Stew on February 18 on Rude Records.

Invisions – Deadlock

Credit: Ben Bentley

Invisions will release their third album Deadlock on February 11.

“It’s very much things that we’ve been through as individuals, but also things that a lot of people have been through,” says vocalist Ben Ville“It’s something a lot of people can relate to, and it’s a lot more personal.”


01. The 6 6 9
02. Half Life
03. Annihilist
04. D V P E
05. Hindsight
06. Deadlock
07. Last Light
08. Amour
09. D E A L E R
10. Inertia
11. Fall with Me

Senses Fail – Hell is in your Head

Credit: Jonathan Weiner

Senses Fail will release eighth album Hell is in your Head on July 15 through Pure Noise Records.

Vocalist Buddy Nielsen said: “The band has now become me and vice-versa.

“I’m trying to put myself on the map as a songwriter and as a complete musician, not just as a lyricist or the singer. This is where I had been planning to get to over the last three records. As a touring entity we are still five people, but when it comes down to the writing, it’s a solo vision as far as where I want to take it.”

“My wife had a pretty serious childbirth,” he says. “I don’t want to say she almost died but it was pretty scary for a minute. And the relationship you have to have with your child is just a constant letting go of yourself in ways that you didn’t necessarily perceive you needed to. I’ve had to start to come to terms with my own death because my daughter, who’s now four, keeps asking about it.  So this felt like an opportunity to maybe address grief and how we process being – how do you have a kid, how do you be alive, how do you continue to live a meaningful life while also knowing that you’re going to die?

This record attempts to go to the dark place of ‘What is it that we’re so afraid of death?’ We’re afraid of death because of grief. Are we truly afraid of death because of death? Through my own therapy, I’ve learned you don’t even really have a clear understanding of death because it’s unknowable. And since you literally can’t die and come back, I tried to place the record in a much darker fictional place to help talk about those unanswerable questions.”


1. Burial of the Dead
2. End of The World/A Game of Chess (feat. Connie Sgarbossa)
3. The Fire Sermon
4. I Am Error
5. Death by Water (feat. Spencer Charnas)
6. What the Thunder Said
7. Miles to Go
8. Lush Rimbaugh
9. Hell is in Your Head
10. I’m Sorry I’m Leaving
11. Grow Away from Me

Greyhaven – This Bright and Beautiful World

Credit: Errick EasterdayGreyhaven will release new record This Bright and Beautiful World on April 15 through Rude Records.



PENGSHUi – Destroy Yourself

PENGSHUi will release new album Destroy Yourself on January 28 through MVKA.

Illaman said: “ I think we’ve managed to capture our live energy on this record. With our first album, people said you have to see it live to fully get, which was cool, but we wanted to give that live feeling from the first track with this record so then when you do see a show, the energy is doubled.

“There is a lot of emotion and pain in this album for me, the reason we named it ‘Destroy Yourself’ is because it’s about breaking yourself down and taking yourself apart then looking at what feels wrong, what makes you unhappy, the addictions you have, the life and death, love and loss and allowing the lessons from all that to help you grow.

“These new songs sound great to us in the rehearsal room and we genuinely cannot wait to play them out to a room full of people. I think fans of our sound will have an emotional attachment to these tunes too and that energy will be present when we get back on stage in February for the tour. These tunes are bangers on a different level to our previous stuff. We’re settled in now and we are 100% comfortable with what we are and are doing.”



1: Break The Law

2: Eat The Rich

3: Little Brother

4: Ain’t No Love

5: Move The World

6: I’m Sick

7: This Is My Youth

8: Ursa Minor


10: Shellers

11: Destroy Yourself

12: Nothing Ever Changes

Three Days Grace – Explosions

Three Days Grace will release Explosions on May 6 through RCA Records.

Torchbearer – Solace

Torchbearer will release new record Solace on January 21.


1. Solace

2. Frostbite

3. All Out Warfare

4. Never Forgive

5. Dopesick

6. Psychosis

7. Mekong Delta Blues

8. Wolves & Sheep

9. 4 Walls

10. Hail Mary

Led By Lanterns – Paralysis

Led By Lanterns will release debut album Paralysis on January 28.


1. Alive [feat. Tobi Duncan]
2. Paralysis
4. Criminal
5. Disconnected
6. Six Feet Down [feat. WAVED]
7. Catacombs
8. Satellite
9. Fever

10. Good Enough [feat. Mercedes Arn-Horn]

Insolvency – Illusional Gates

Insolvency will release Illusional Gates on February 18.

“The lyrics and the musical atmosphere express a range of feelings,” expresses bassist Pierre Challouet.“Between depression cycles, separation, burn out, as well as being tired of fighting for a living. We feel like we have lived in a mirage for many years, and we finally found a way to put it into words.” He adds: “We all felt restricted by the fake vision we had of the world. We wrongly lived in dreams and mental prisons for too many years, and it was time to open our eyes… even if opening our eyes was hurtful.”


Torn Away Inside 
The Endless Maze (Featuring Ryan Kirby)
Illusional gates 
Last Call 
Another Fate
Stranger World 
Smother The Candle (Featuring CJ McMahon) 
Fade and Flow

Fozzy – Boombox

Fozzy will release Boombox on April 15 through Mascot Records/Mascot Label Group.

Frontman Chris Jericho said: “Judas…both the album and the song was a HUGE breakthrough for FOZZY.  It took us to the next level and positioned us as legit players at rock radio and as a live draw.  As a result, we knew that we had to follow up with the album of a lifetime. BOOMBOX is that album!!  You’ve already heard the top ten singles “Nowhere To Run” and “Sane”- kick ass, hooky songs that set the tone for this record.   But it’s, “I Still Burn”, “Army Of One” and “Relax”, that in my opinion are going to take this album and this band even further up the rock n roll ladder!
“I firmly believe this is the third best album of our entire career!!  (Of course I think it’s our best…but I always wanted to hear a band say that). So crank the volume and hold the BOOMBOX up to your earholes!!  It’s gonna be a wild ride.”


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