Albums To Look Forward To! Including: Pleiades, Dinosaur Pile Up, Allusinlove and BEEZEWAX!

We round up some of our tips for the records announced at the end of March that we think are going to be awesome!

Pleiades – All At Your Mercy

Manchester post metallers Pleiades will be releasing their new record All At Your Mercy on May 31 through AWAL! Pleiades began life as an instrumental trio but recruited their vocalist to add an extra dimension to the record:

“We originally had people come in and sing Jimmy Eat World’s ‘Polaris’ but nothing quite clicked. When Andy (Calderbank) came in he was really up for having a go at one of the pieces we’d written and he just LET RIP! Honestly, I couldn’t stop smiling throughout. It was the combination of shouts, screams and his impassioned vocal style that caught our attention… we took him on straight away.”  

Dinosaur Pile-Up – Celebrity Mansions

Dinosaur Pile-Up are back with their new record! Celebrity Mansions will be released through Parlophone Records on June 7!

“It’s a reference to when we were on tour, questioning whether we’d wasted our lives doing this, wondering if we’d ever get a break. I’d see what you’d call ‘Influencers’ on Instagram. Popstars making money from being attractive. People with seemingly nothing to say. And I’d just think, ‘Surely there’s more to life than this. Surely people want more than this. Surely they want some substance. I mean, we’re talking about music. It matters.’” – Matt Bigland (vocals).


  1. Thrash Metal Cassette
  2. Back Foot
  3. Stupid Heavy Metal Broken Hearted Loser Punk
  4. Celebrity Mansions
  5. Round The Bend
  6. Pouring Gasoline
  7. Black Limousine
  8. K West
  9. Professional Freak
  10. Long Way Down

BEEZEWAX – Peace Jazz

Norwegian indie-rockers Beezewax have revealed their seventh studio album details! Peace Jazz is set for release on May 3 through Sellout Music!

Allusinlove – It’s Okay To Talk

Allusinlove are back after a hiatus and rebrand! Following the success of Good People, the quartet have announced their debut full length It’s Okay To Talk will be released on June 7!

“We’re incredibly proud to present our first long playing record. This album is a musical expression of all our love, positivity and unity – an insight into our perspective of the world around us and what it offers or demands from us. In a society that is so divided we want to offer some release, understanding and unity in the form of just fucking great music. It really is okay to be upset, anxious, hopeless, excited, happy and it’s even more okay to talk about it.”

It’s OK To Talk Tracklisting:
1. Full Circle
2. All My Love
3. Lucky You
4. Sunset Yellow
5. All Good People
6. Bad Girls
7. Lover I Need A Friend 8. I’m Your Man
9. Happy Eyes
10. It’s OK To Talk
11. The Deepest

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April 8, 2019

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