Mest @ The Underworld

(Photo – Romi Nicole Schneider) When you’re given the option to see a band that reminds you of your teenage days of being a punk rocker, before the term ‘Pop Punk’ was ever created, you bet that show is something you shouldn’t be thinking twice about! A last minute addition in Famous Class who have […]

A Few Too Many are on Solid Ground

Cambridgeshire pop-punks A Few Too Many have revealed details of their new EP! Solid Ground is set for release on October 12! The band say of the EP; “This EP is our best work as a band and a release we’re very proud of. Our musical influences within the band are extremely diverse and that has really shone through with the 6 tracks […]

WSTR talk about Identity Crisis

WSTR are gearing up for the highly anticipated release of sophomore album Identity Crisis (August 31, Hopeless Records). We spoke to frontman Sammy Clifford about the record, the evolution of the band’s sound and dream songs. Identity Crisis is set to be released on August 31st. Are you excited for everyone to hear it? Yes! Understatement. […]

Homebound reveal Indelible video

Homebound have revealed their new single Indelible! The track is taken from the Farnham pop-punks’ forthcoming EP More To Me Than Misery (August 17, Rude Records). Vocalist Charlie Boughton says the track is; “Taking influence from the word’s meaning, it highlights the significance of people and how their actions can leave a lasting impressions on others for better […]

The Young & Restless have Family Values

The Young & Restless have revealed their new single Family Values! The pop-punks say of the track; “‘Family Values’ is about the typical scenario of a broken home – of course that could mean a lot of different things, but we think it’s something a lot of people can relate to no matter what it could be. When […]

Woes are Over It!

Scottish pop punks, Woes, have been releasing a series of singles in the run up to their Self Help EP. Over It is the latest of the singles and it’s certainly worthy of it’s single spot. Vocalist DJ says the band “made a conscious effort to try and write something that didn’t sound like a […]

I Call Shotgun say Happy.

Happy. have revealed their new single I Call Shotgun! The track, taken from forthcoming debut album Cult Classics (September 7, Rude Records), is centred around the early stages of uncertainty in relationships. Vocalist/guitarist Tate Logan explains; “Like riding passenger in a car, you aren’t in control, no matter how much you try. It’s very upbeat though, because not […]

PVMNTS – Better Days

The seeds for Better Days have been brewing for almost a decade, even before PVMNTS officially formed in 2016. This preparation has ensured that the debut release from the trio is as varied as you can think of, while still keeping the standard pop-punk ideals of bands like Blink-182, Taking Back Sunday and The Story […]

Like Pacific – In Spite Of Me

Like Pacific fight with their identity on sophomore record In Spite Of Me. The Canadian emo/pop-punk quintet never quite meld the emo and pop-punk on this record. The jump between emotional voice cracking verses and attempted hook laden choruses can be jarring. While the intent and ambition is commendable the end product isn’t up to […]

State Champs interview at Slam Dunk Festival 2018

We caught up with Pop Punk Heavyweights State Champs at Slam Dunk Midlands where we spoke about all things happening in camp State Champs in 2018 including their new album!

Junior have brought the Day Of The Dead to life

Junior are back with a brand new single Day Of The Dead! The track is the first new music from the trio since 2017’s stand-alone single Veronica and focuses on the theme of loss. Vocalist/guitarist Matt Attard explains; “The song touches on loss, the emotions that come along with that, and how you deal with them and so […]

Real Friends – Composure

Real Friends are back with their latest album Composure. From the opening of first track, the aptly titled, Me First to the close of Take A Hint, we are treated to some rock gold from one of the most popular bands of the last couple of years. Me First has a strong instrumentation, with pounding drums and pop-punk riffs. […]

Save Me say Lost in Stereo

Glasgow pop-punks Lost In Stereo have revealed their new single Save Me! The track is released on July 20th and is set to feature on the band’s forthcoming EP, with details to come later this year. The quartet say on the track; “Save Me is about those times when you get far too invested in a relationship that […]

Next Year pay homage to Ben Wilson

Leicester pop-punks Next Year have revealed their new single Ben Wilson! The track pays homage to a long-time friend of the trio, whose 21st birthday party was where the band were formed! The lyrics are made up of some quotes and stories from Ben, put together by vocalist/guitarist James Brown. The track is a catchy piece of […]

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