Modern Maps are on Autopilot

Modern Maps have released their new single Autopilot! The track is taken from forthcoming album Hope You’re Happy (June 1, Rise Records). Check out Autopilot below;  

Tim Brooks reveals new single Quicksilver

Singer-songwriter Tim Brooks has revealed his new single Quicksilver! Check out the track below; Tim Brooks combines the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Frank Turner and Gerard Way to create acoustic rock ‘n’ roll! He says of his tracks; “I guess my main aim is to write lyrics that people put on to fridge magnets, y’know, to get that one line […]

Tailblock take on the A-Z challenge!

Brit rockers Tailblock recently announced their new EP Think Or Be is set for release on July 13. We asked the band to take on our A-Z challenge to tell us more about themselves! A song that made you want to make music? Probably something old, and cheesy like “Photograph” by Def Leppard, or “Crazy” by Aerosmith. […]

Fine Creatures are inspired by a Panther

Fine Creatures have revealed their debut EP Electric La La Land is set for release through XVII Music on June 29! To celebrate, they have revealed their new single Panther! Guitarist/vocalist James Hall says of the track; “Panthers is a dark song with a great energy that came together really fast and organically. The track is written from […]

Encoded are heading towards Normalisation

Encoded have revealed their new single Normalisation! The track is taken from forthcoming EP Psychosis, set for release on May 18. The band say of the track; “This song is about rebelling against the rat race and pursuing your dreams no matter what anyone else says.”

Silent Rival have Just One Voice

Silent Rival have revealed their new single Just One Voice! The track premiered on Daniel P. Carter’s BBC Radio 1 Rock Show. Vocalist Sara Coda says;  ‘Joz started sketching “Just One Voice: in a hotel room in Colorado. I remember hearing it for the first time and dropping everything else that was in process and focusing on […]

The Word Alive – Violent Noise

The Word Alive are back with a new record Violent Noise and from the outset of opener Red Clouds to closer Lonely, it’s atmospheric, combining synth elements, smooth clean vocal melodies, intricate guitar lines and harsh screams. Red Clouds is as deceptive as it is good, one minute you’re singing along to some beautiful cleans […]

Wolf Culture talk about The Devil’s Plans For Idle Hands

Wolf Culture are a pioneering new wave Emo band from Bournemouth ready to bring something epic into their local music scene and beyond. So far Wolf Culture have released two tracks from their EP including leading single ‘Wreck’ emitting flickering neon brightness contradicting the more sincere lyrics. They have also recently released insuppressible track ‘Continents’. […]

Orchards announce new EP and single!

Brighton alt-poppers Orchards have revealed details of their new EP! Losers/Lovers will be released on July 6 through Big Scary Monsters Records! The quartet have also released a colourful video for lead single Luv You 2! Frontwoman Lucy Evers says; “The story behind the lyrics is all about how it’s totally healthy to feel rejection or sadness, and […]

Blood Red Shoes reveal God Complex

Brighton duo Blood Red Shoes have revealed their new single God Complex! Guitarist/vocalist Laura-Mary Carter says; “I wrote this song in the back of a truck on the way to a town which has the population of 2 . It’s about people who come into your life when you are vulnerable thinking they can save you . But […]

VNDTA become a Martyr

VNDTA have revealed their new single Martyr! The track is lifted from their recently released EP Pale Glow! The track is a piece of art, combining gut-wrenching vocals, brilliant riffs and tight passion. Check out Martyr below; The quartet’s explosive sound is created by blending inspiration from the likes of No Doubt, Pantera, Periphery and Thy Art Is Murder.  

HAARM reveal their Box Of Bones

Liverpool alt-poppers have got creepy with the video for their new single Box Of Bones! The Liverpudlians say of the track and video; “We wanted ‘Box of Bones’ to be a marriage between horror and pop music. We wrote the song shortly after watching a film called The Witch which came out a couple of years […]

Sick N’ Beautiful announce We C*m In Peace tour

They’ve travelled 39 lightyears to land in the UK and the intergalactic circus freaks Sick N’ Beautiful need our help to fix their spaceship so they can carry on their journey through the cosmos and back home to LV-426 (Acheron). Beginning in Birmingham on May 22, the We C*m In Peace tour sees Sick N’ Beautiful performing […]

Food Court – Good Luck – Album review

Food Court have released their debut album, ‘Good Luck‘, an 11-track scrapbook of, as the band put it, ‘lost loves, lost sleep, mistakes, anxious minds, and a light drizzling of optimism on top’. Lyrically, they’ve written about making the right choices in life, even after making a few wrongs – which I guess also applies […]

The Stayawakes take on the A-Z challenge

Following the announcement of their new album Cats and Dogs/Living Together (June 15, Surefire Discs, BADHORROR & ShoveItUpYourCultRecords), we asked Southsea’s The Stayawakes to take on our A-Z challenge so we could find out more about them! A song that made you want to make music? Johnny B Goode… particularly that scene in Back to the Future […]

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