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Landmarks are In Spite of it All

Manchester rock quartet Landmarks have announced their latest EP In Spite of it All is set for release on August 12. The title of the record is perhaps very accurate because in spite of all that has happened during the recording process, the EP is here and ready for release.

The Autumn Ravine – An Intrinsic Evolution

An interesting title, much fitting with the cover art. To me, it looks as though we're looking at an evolution of a man who struggled and worked through his life, but once he had a son of his own, his child was given money straight from his father's pocket.


There's not much else to say about this album except that well, it's simply awesome. And if post-hardcore is your thing, then you may just agree.

Slam Dunk 2016 Review – Part Two

So, as you have probably seen in our extensive review coverage of Slam Dunk 2016 (if not, you can go and read it here) then you'll know that there was a lot more that we left out of that article. The reason being, we didn't want it to go on forever and you lose interest. Also as there were several of us at different dates, we thought it would be a good idea to compare some of the artists performances, as we all have varying musical tastes, you can check out some of the acts below that multiple members of our team saw and what they thought!

Slam Dunk 2016 Review – Part One

Slam Dunk festival celebrated its tenth birthday this year with a monster party! With a diverse line-up including Panic! At the Disco, Of Mice & Men, Hellions, Blood Youth, As It Is, Yellowcard and many more, it was one not to be missed! Four writers (including myself at the Midlands) attended over the course of the weekend and give their views below!

As It Is Chat to AltCorner

As It Is released 2015's Never Happy, Ever After, an album that not only was adored by fans and critics alike, but also led the band to tours in UK, Europe and America. Gareth Rooke caught up with Ben and Patty in Glasgow as the band was in the midst of their headline UK Tour with Jule Vera and With Confidence. Here is their chat in all its glory...

Mallory Knox @ Slam Dunk South

Five-piece rock band Mallory Knox stood out to me so much at Slam Dunk South 2016. As this was the first time I've been to SD, it was a pretty big deal for me, including being surrounded by many of my favorite bands and artists.


The rockers took on the A-Z Questionnaire Challenge and you can read their answers here...

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