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Calling Apollo – The Great Depression: Act 1

Cardiff-based rock group Calling Apollo have created another dynamic album, followed up from their 2015 EP 'Hunter Gatherer'. The EP includes 6 polished and unique tracks which are throbbing with melodies and vocals. The sound of the album is rich in breathtaking lyrics and emotion, this has to be one of the best upcoming albums of 2016.

Alt-Rockers Hercules Morse Drop New Video!

Merging engulfing stoner grooves with alternative rock melodic intent, Hercules Morse are set to be one of the bands to emerge from the underground in 2016...

Black Foxxes Interview At 2000 Trees 2016

Black Foxxes are one of our favourite newcomers of the year, their plethora of styles that bundle together to create their sound is something that at times can induce you to being an emotional wreck and at others, cause you to lose your shit (repeatedly). We were lucky enough to chat to the band!

New Sounds: Finding Kate!

In this edition of New Sounds we have the brainchild of Kate Pavli, her band Finding Katie. Drawing influences from Avril Lavigne, Evanescence & The Pretty Reckless, we thought that ahead of their album release we'd shine a light onto what exactly Finding Katie is all about...

Jamie Lenman Interview At 2000 Trees Festival 2016

We were lucky enough to speak to the brilliant Jamie Lenman. The ex-Reuben man, famed for his work with the band, his illustrations and more recently, his solo material was kind enough to speak to Brad about practically everything!

Press To Meco Interview At 2000 Trees 2016

We spoke to the lovely and damn right excellent Press to Meco at 2000 Trees this year!

Elements aim to Make It Out Alive

Up and coming Brit alt-rockers Elements have released the video for track Make It Out Alive. The quintet have received rave reviews from critics and fans for their energetic live shows alongside the likes of The Afterparty, Ashestoangels, Dead!, They Say Fall, Elessar and many mo

Arcane Roots Interview At 2000 Trees Festival 2016

We caught up with one of our favourite bands, Arcane Roots to discuss their latest EP, their plans for the future and how their sound has developed since their formation.

We chat to Breathe in the Silence

Breathe in the Silence are a post-hardcore/alternative rock band from South Wales. The band have just finished a UK tour with Swedish rockers Normandie. We caught up with guitarist Nathan Campfield, bassist Jake Bowen and frontman Adamross Williams to chat about working with the acclaimed Romesh Dodangoda, nailing backflips on a bouncy castle, the impact of new drummer Thom and how there is a real-life Pokemon in the band!

Area 11, Mash House, Edinburgh

Taking myself on a day trip to Edinburgh I was excited to see Area 11 and their new songs live but, was a little disappointed to see the show be only a two band bill.

Blank Atlas Release New Live Video

Bristol-based Alt Rock trio Blank Atlas have released a new live video of them performing their song, Buried.

Colt 45 – Snakes & Ladders (EP) | Review

For fans of the Punk vibes of Misfits and Rancid, we bring you the dark, furious tones of Colt 45, with their brand new EP, 'Snakes And Ladders' now available on all the good digital download sites (the legal ones where you pay for the music! Close that torrent tab right now you swine!).

The Decoy – Avalon

Three-piece alternative rock group The Decoy have just released a seriously groundbreaking album called Avalon. With every song showing striking vocals, as well as experimental instrument use, which was one of my favorite things about this album. Each track shows a raw, unique sound which I've never heard before making it endlessly-playable.

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